Disclosure Policy

Hello Everyone

Disclosure Policy Q & A

Do you purchase all of the products you review?

Most of the time I purchase products with my personal money. I am a sucker for retail/shopping therapy. In other cases, Companies have gifted me products to try for free and this is stated in the first paragraph of a post. I only accept gifts from companies who like my blog and those who’s products fit in with my blog. There have been numerous occasions I have declined the offer as their products do not fit my blog.

Do you get paid for reviews?

Absolutely not. Blogging is a hobby for myself and it’s a way that makes me happy. I love sharing product reviews. I also love reading reviews. But, if I was to accept an offer, my review will still be 100% my personal thoughts and experience. I would never lie about products to consumers.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to send them through. Email: Annahuntingford1996@gmail.com

Thank you 🙂