Silicone Sponge – Snatch Cosmetics

There are so many mixed reviews about using silicone sponges to apply makeup. Some people absolutely love them for the non absorbing feature and other dislike them as they say they don’t blend very well. As I was torn about the product, I thought I’d try one out and post a little review for you guys.


This silicone sponge is from Snatch Cosmetics. Snatch Cosmetics is a brand in the U.K. (Manchester). These silicone sponges retail for £12.99 which is around $20 Australian dollars which to me is super expensive for a makeup tool. These can be shipped anywhere in the world! For those of you who don’t know, silicone sponges are “the next big thing” and product saver beauty blender.

This took quite a while to arrive to me in Perth, Australia, almost a month. The silicone sponge is transparent and came in a plastic sleeve. The sponge is about 6.5cm long and in an odd oval shape. Just by looking at the Sponge, it looks squishy and easy to use. It’s not really a sponge, it’s more of a piece of cushion plastic.

I used my Mac Cosmetics Pro Long Wear with this sponge. Using one pump, I started dabbing my foundation on with the silicone sponge. It didn’t really blend well so I started wiped the foundation instead of dabbing and it worked a little better. It doesn’t say which side of the sponge to actually use. I tried both sides and both seamed to be ok but was definitely hard to blend out the foundation.

Overall, the silicone sponge saved a lot of product! I only used 2 pumps of foundation when I normally use about 3 and a half pumps. The sponge was clear at the end, so you could actually, physically see no product was wasted/ soaked into the sponge. I did however need to use my normal damp beauty blender to even out and blend the foundation a little better. I recommend using it to save foundation but then use a beauty blender at the end to finish. I wouldn’t recommend using it by itself.

I unfortunately wouldn’t repurchase this beauty tool. It’s a great idea for saving a little money but not good for blending product on the face.

Have you used a silicone sponge before? How did you find it?

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10 Replies to “Silicone Sponge – Snatch Cosmetics”

  1. I agree – that’s too much for a sponge, especially one that doesn’t even blend. I have used a lot of brushes that cost more than that, but they last for ages and really do everything I need them to.

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  2. I think it sucks that these don’t work better because they would save SO much product for us on top of the fact they’re a lot more sanitary! I still have yet to try one out myself! have you seen the new ones that are shapped like beauty blenders? They look so cool!

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