Le Tan Uber Dark Green Base Tan

Is it winter where you are? It sure is here in Perth, Australia. I'm unsure about you but I'm white! Super Pale! Last winter I anded up wearing the shade porcelain in foundation. To warm up my skin this winter I have a super amazing product to talk to you about!

Its the Le Tan Uber Dark Green Base Tanning Mouse. Le Tan actually released there Uber dark collection about a week ago which included a bunch of different basses including Green Base, Ash Base, Violet Base and Marula Oil. I would like to share my thoughts on the Le Tan Uber Dark Green Base which great for all skin tones.

Green Base: All rounder Tanner
Ash Base: For Natural Fair Skin
Voilet Base: For people who soak up the sun well

These cost: $25 at chemist warehouse

"The next generation in dark tanning is here. This salon quality formulation has been created with highly concentrated tanning actives for the darkest tan possible. Fragrance-free formula with cutting-edge odour neutralisers to ensure no fake-tan smell. Added moisturising ingredients delivering intensely, hydrated and long lasting result. Once you try Uber Dark you'll never go back"

Before I tried this product, I exfoliated my legs and moisture the night before to prepare them for the tanner. The tanner comes in a bottle with a foaming pump. . Using the LeTan tanning mitt which came with the product. The tanning mitt itself is super soft and doesn't leave any streaky mess.

I used 2 pumps to begin with and in circular motions, I applied the tanner start at my knee working down to my foot. I used about 5 pumps of the foam tanner to cover 1 leg. I only tanned my legs as I don't ever tan my whole body.

The tanner comes out in a foam consistency. It is very light weighted and easy to blend. Pumping and applying the product, there was very little too no smell at all which is amazing because I hate smelling like fake tan.

I found this is a gradual tanner, so watch out how much you actually use. You can go over your tan again for a more intense tan. I didn't do this. After about 2 hours, I had to go out so I had a shower (On the bottle it says to wait 3+ hours) and dried the tanned areas. There wasn't any waterlines or patches. When my Partner came home from work his noticed a difference and his words "the sun wasn't out today, how did you get that tan?" after explaining about the tanner he said it look very natural.

The finishing look was a olive brown natural tone. I liked this product, and it will probably replace my other tanner I use as its super easy to blend out and doesn't have a scent. The tan went strong for about 4 – 5 days before it starting fading away. No patches were noticed during the fading process.

Have you tried the new Uber Dark collection from LeTan? What were your thoughts?

Check out the review for LeTan Uber Dark – Violet Base by TheGlowManifesto





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