1st Ever Mac Cosmetic Store Experience

Who has never owned a high end makeup product before? Who has never entered a shop like Mac cosmetics or spoken to someone at the Myer counters or Estee Lauder? My hand is high up in the sky. That was until my partner gave me the push I needed.

I always walked past the counters and stores feeling scared and intimidated to go inside and talk to someone. We were walking past Mac Cosmetics at Westfield carousel here in Perth and my partner stopped and said "why don't you go in?", I froze and said "Nah not today, maybe another time". His reply "You always say that, just go in, have a look and buy something". I was so scared, looking into Mac cosmetics the girls inside, I'll be honest, looked intimidating. Thinking to myself they will judge my poor makeup skills and I wouldn't know why to begin in the store. I did need new foundation as I had just ran out of my Rimmel one I'd been using.

After about 10 minutes of talking to my partner about being uncomfortable. I went in. I was greeted fairly quickly even though the workers were busy with other people. I had a quick browse and then was offered some help. "Hello, I'm Emily, what are you after today? Would you like me to help?". I said to the worker that I'm looking to purchase a foundation but I've never had a Mac product and don't know what shade I'd be.


Emily Sat me down and asked me a few questions about my skin and she picked out 2 shades on the Pro Long 15 hour wear foundation. She tried both shades on my skin and the 2nd shade she chose was a match. We worked out that I needed the Pro Long 15 Hour Wear Foundation in NW13. (Review coming soon).

After doing this, Emily asked if she could finish the makeup look and I said ok. She chose out a concealer, powder and bronzer and she applied them to my face. After finishing she asked my thoughts and I loved the look.

Now, if your know me well, you'd know I hate to be pushed to buy something. This was not the case in this store. Emily asked once "Would you like to purchase anything from today? If not we can write in the system what we used today and you can come back when ever your ready to purchase". I was already set on getting the foundation so I just asked to purchase foundation.

Overall, the experience in the Mac store was great. I felt welcomed and I'd be happy to return…. ok, I'll admit it… I went back the next day to get a lipstick haha. Exceptional service from this store and I'm happy my partner gave me the push I needed to enter. A big Thank you Emily for helping me out and colour matching me.

Don't be afraid to enter any store. Don't be afraid to ask questions about what product is good for you or if they have a different colour of different size. Because and the end of the day, you might find what you have always looked for.


Have you purchased from Mac? How was your experience? What did you purchase?

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10 Replies to “1st Ever Mac Cosmetic Store Experience”

  1. I’ve never used MAC before cause I’m my country we don’t have any stores and I’m always worried about buying the wrong shade online. However the beauty stores here with high end makeup never do tests unless you’re actually buying so I just walk past. Now I feel motivated to get something without worrying if it’ll workout well.

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  2. This sounds like a really good experience! I know it mightn’t help with just me saying but you should go up to counters more often. Granted sometimes it can be a bit off putting but a vast majority of the time the sales assistants are lovely and we end up having a great chat haha.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

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