Toddlerfest at Scitech

Do you have little ones aged 2-5 running around the house saying mummy, daddy I’m bored? TODDLERFEST is here to save the day! For the next week, Toddlerfest is being held at Scitech in West Perth! Fun for every member of the family!

Yesterday, I took my two children, (3 year old Mr. Tristyn and 7 month old Miss Theia) too Scitech. I didn’t hear about Toddlerfest until a few days prior. I won a double pass thanks to @Kidzabuzzperth who held a giveaway on their Instagram.

In the morning, I didn’t tell the kids we were going. I made some lunch and popped them in the car and off we went. Parking was super easy to find. It was pouring with rain but there was lots of under cover parking. Parking is free (with ticket) for up to 2 hours.

Tickets are:
Children Under 4: FREE
Children Over 4: $12
Adults: $19
Confession: $16


To get our tickets we had to wait in line. The line actually went done pretty quickly, the kids didn’t mind at all. Heading into Scitech, there was so many things to do. We got inside at 10am and we decided at 11am we would go see the bubble show located on the big stage. Until then, Tristyn went wild! His daddy taught him about air pressure, pullies and how to generate energy with the activities provided.

At 10.50am, we headed to the big stage and found a spot on the floor to sit (there are seat are us adults and also a cafe to grab a coffee). We were greeted by An explorer named Bubble and her assistant named Toot. Bubble and Toot taught us how to make different types of bubbles! Bubbles with colours, small bubbles, big bubbles! There were heaps of laughs from the children and they interacted with the kids very well. Tristyn loved it! The show went for about 25-30 minutes.

There are shows on at the Big Stage, Planeterium And Science Theatre though out the day. Don’t forget to get your free itinerary when you pick up your tickets.Β 


After the show, Tristyn ran off to discover more about science. We went into a section where Tristyn learnt how to build a house that would withstand an earthquake! He also learnt about mixing colours to make new colours. Theia unfortunately had fallen asleep in the pram so she missed out. We then learnt about using our imagination to inventing things. Tristyn rolled some dice and got these words “FAMILY, PORTABLE, ELECTRIC, PAPER, WIND”, we came up with a mini wind turbine for a pram.

Walking around, we went into a mystery quest section. This was aged 7+ but we went through it anyway and Tristyn got to stamp his finger prints! He loved being able to see his finger prints in detail with the ink.

There were a lot of gadgets, activities and learning guide and information seen in every corner, I could go on forever.

Also for Toddlerfest, Scitech had a baby animal farm so the kids could brush/pat animals. There are baby goats, lambs, chickens, a Rooster, piglets and ducks. Tristyn was scared at first but then took a brush and brushed a baby goat, then tried to brush a chicken. Haha. Hand sanitizer is provided on departure from the animal farm, don’t forget to use it.

By now we had been there for a couple of hours and decided it was time for home. Before leaving we went into the discovery gift shop and purchased a dinosaur for Tristyn. Overall, it was a great family day out, Tristyn learnt a lot and so did I.

Did you go to Toddlerfest at Scitech? What was your favourite part?

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