Charcoal Whitening Tooth Paste

Something I do morning and night is brush my pearly white teeth!!! JOKES!! My teeth aren’t pearly white! I wish!! I do brush my teeth twice a day though. So I jumped on the band wagon to try a charcoal whitening toothpaste to make my teeth shine brighter then a star.

I purchased my first ever charcoal toothpaste from Brisbane Beauty Lab. As you can tell, this small business is located in Brisbane here in Australia! I ordered 1 charcoal tooth paste and 1 bamboo tooth brush in a bundle. This bundle cost me $15 AUD with $5 AUD shipping. Individually, the charcoal toothpaste is $7.50 AUD and the bamboo toothbrush is $7.96 AUD. Shipping did take a little longer then expect, over 2 weeks!

When I finally received my order, I was so happy but quickly disappointed that the lid was crack and some of the product had started drying up. I contacted the small business and they were quick to reply and said they were going to send out a replacement lid and that they average 1 in about 30 lids are cracked during process delivery. A few weeks went by and I finally received a whole new toothpaste. Thank you! But again the lid was broken. I did message them again just to let them know but this time no reply.

The toothpaste is obviously black due to the charcoal and has a peppermint flavor just like a regular toothpaste.The bristles on the bamboo brush were so soft. This toothbrush is an Eco toothbrush so it’s helping the environment!

But anyway let’s jump into the review. I shared my first experience and thoughts over on snapchat. And I wasn’t really pleased. Opening the replacement toothpaste on snapchat, I noticed a hair embedded into the paste so I put that one down and reopened the original one. It had dried up a little on the top but was still usable.

I applied a decent amount of product to the bamboo toothbrush and started brushing and WOW was it messy! I had a little giggle while brushing. It wasn’t messy messy, it was like a fun mess. However, some of the bristles came out of the toothbrush while brushing and I was stuck picking the bristles out of my mouth before continuing to brush.
I will admit the product worked wonders for my teeth. The toothpaste had a nice texture and an ok flavor of mintiness. I noticed a small instant whiten glow to my teeth.

I’ve been using the charcoal toothpaste for about 2 weeks now and I love it. But I’m not sure I want to repurchase it again as I did lose a lot of the product due to it drying up and the other being contaminated with a hair. I would definitely try another charcoal toothpaste but maybe from a different company.

Have you tried a charcoal toothpaste or powder? What were your thoughts?
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