Natralus Australia – My Little One

Natralis Australia contacted me to let my kids try out some of their products in their new line “My Little One”. The ‘My Little One’ range is perfect for children from birth on wards. Natralus Australia is Australian owned and they love to use natural ingredients in all their products. I was sent 2 products from this range which were the “My Little One – Gentle Ceanse Shampoo and Body wash” and the ” My Little one Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm”. * This range is free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, lanolin and artificial fragrances.

*Please Note: This review is 100% my honest and personal experience with these products

My Little Ones – Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm

The first product I got was the Make It Better Soothing Repair Balm which can be used for dry skin, minor rashes, grazes, insect bites and cracked nipples. The balm is clear and comes in a 75g tube. The balm has paw paw, shea butter and coconut oil in it. You can definetly smell the shea butter in the product but the smell is not intense. The texture of this product is quiet thick and doesn’t absorb straight away. It is a likely sticky but is easy movable.

I personally used this product on my son and myself. If you live in Perth and lived in the metro area last month would have notice alot of people got a nasty flu. My house got it… 😦 We all had runny or blocked noses and nasty coughs. (Sorry for the TMI) It was horrible. But anyway, due to the runy noses we had dry, red and sore cupids bows and nose. I applied a small amount of this product to the area twice a day for 3 days and it cleared very well.

My Little One – Gentle Cleanse Shampoo and Body Wash

The second product I was gifted was the Gentle Cleanse Shampoo and Body Wash which can be used for both shampoo and body wash. The bottle comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser that you can actually lock. This product is also soap free and sulphate free. The product comes out in a clear liquid for and smells like a very sweet marshmellow. One the bottle it says to lather before applying to the skin.

I use this on my 5 months old daughter. She loves bath time. I use this for both hair and body as I find 1 pump of the product is more then enough for her tiny head and body. I apply 1 pump into my hands (make sure they are wet to lather nicely) and rub my hands together to lather. After applying, I just wash off with water. After the bath she normally smells so good AND her skin is so soft to the touch. I swear i’m holding a large marshmellow. She has never gotten any irritation or redness from this product.

These products are definitely on my favourite baby product list. I love that this company is animal cruelty free, dermatologically tested and pediatrician approved.

Have you tried any products by Natralus Australia? Let me Know Below

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