T&T Time #1


I know it has been a while since my last blog but I’ve been thinking about introducing T&T Time. T&T Time (Also known as Tristyn and Theia Time) will be life updates on my kids milestones, events and general kid things. For those of you who don’t know, I have 2 children, Tristyn (4 in August) and Theia (currently 5 months old). Both my children don’t go to school or day care just yet but my partner and I are looking into it. Today, I would like to introduce my children to you.



This is my son Tristyn. Tristyn made an appearance in the world on the 13th of August 2013 (Kinda cool birthday 13/8/13). We got the name Tristyn from the movie ‘Tristan and Isodle’, its a fabulous movie and recommend everyone to watch it! He’s currently turning 4 years old this year but not in school just yet, 1 more year. Tristyn is a very messy 3 year old. Mess in the bedroom, Mess in the dining area, Mess in the lounge room. He is a tornado. Tristyn loves watching the movie ‘cars’ and the TV shows ‘The land before time’ and ‘Dinotrux’ and playing with his hotwheel cars. Tristyn is extremely creative and extremely smart!



This is my daughter Theia. Theia made her appearance in the world last year in November and man did she make an entrance (Read Here). My partner and I came up with Theia’s name off the TV show ‘Arrow’. Theia is currently 5 months old and is already showing a great personality. She full of smiles and laughs. Theia has just discovered her hands, feet and her VOICE! Can you say Miss Talkative! Theia loves rolling around. Soon I’ll be introducing solids to Theia! Wish me luck!

I’m currently looking into mums and bubs play groups for Theia and an extra activities for Tristyn like Soccer or karate.


Do you have children? Do they attend each activities? Introduce them below!



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