Crush Cosmetics Haul

Firstly a massive apology! I’ve been MIA for almost 3 months! But I’m back with a recent makeup haul I did online at Crush Cosmetics. Crush Cosmetics is an online store which sells a variety of different cosmetic brands as well as their own brand as well. Crush Cosmetics is, unfortunately, only available in Australia.

The first product I went on to look for is an eyeshadow primer. I’ve watched so many YouTube videos and they all say eyeshadow primer helps make the pigments pop so I thought I’d get one. Unfortunately, all their eyeshadow primers were out of stock but the  MUA (Make Up Academy) pro base primer. A brand I never heard of but I purchased it because I wanted one to try.

The eye primer was the perfect shade of skin tone for me. It came in a normal tube with an application wand. I apply it with the wand and then blend out with my pointer finger as it’s a little hard to blend with a brush.

As I mentioned earlier crush Cosmetics have their own cosmetic line.  I purchased 2 of their (crush cosmetics) eyeshadow palettes in 35F and 35P. They were $30AUD each and contain 35 pigments.

35F Crush Cosmetics

The 35F eyeshadow palette includes a range of pink, orange, red and brown shades.

I find these are extremely pigmented and quite similar to the Morphe Palettes. I applied these on the MUA eyeshadow primer and they seemed to last almost the whole down. I used the shades on a wet n’ wild crease blending brush and found the shades blend out quite well.

35P Crush Cometics

The 35P eyeshadow palette includes a range of purples and pinks. I love this palette and use it for my night out makeup!

I came across a new brand I have never heard of before called Bronx Colors. It seem quite on the cheapy side so I thought I’d give the brand a go. I purchase the gel liner pot for $14AUD. It included a black gel pot and a tiny little brush for application.

I barely use gel for my eyeliner because it can get messy and clump so I normally stick to felt tip markers. My auto skills at apply gel liner is so poor, I used sticky tape to help guide me haha. The gel is so smooth and creamy, it just guided on with no hassle. I, unfortunately, don’t like the little tiny brush that it came with. It’s just so tiny.

Crush Cosmetics sell wet n wild products and I wanted to complete my collection on Wet N Wild brushes. Unfortunately majority of them were sold out but I managed to pick up the Wet N Wild small eyeshadow brush and bent liner brush.

I like these brushes as they’re cruelty free, vegan and gluten free. I love the handle on them as it has a little dent to rest you fingers. I don’t know if that just made sense lol.

With all of these items in my basket, I qualified for free express shipping! YAH! Who doesn’t love free shipping! I discovered AFTERPAY and used it for the first time aswell where you can pay in instalments! This could be and good and bad thing for my bank haha! I ordered on a Thursday night and receive my items the following Tuesday morning!
Have you purchased from crush cosmetics before? Have you tried their brand? Let me know x


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