The Body Shop – Facial Massager 

The Body Shop! Where do I start? I love The Body Shop. Ever since I went to the VIP Happy Hour Event a couple months ago, I have been addicted! While at that event, we received a goodie bag full of their products. Including the Facial Massager and a 7ml sample bottle of their   Oils Of Life – Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil. A couple days ago, I paired these together for my Sunday pamper day.

The Facial Massager $12AUD

Website Details

BEST IF YOU WANT TO: Stimulate your skin and encourage the absorption of moisturizers with this ingenious mini massager.

How it works:Nodular design ensures an in-depth massage of the skin without dragging or damaging delicate skin tissue. Massage helps to stimulate the skin’s circulation, improving skin’s natural radiance

I applied 2 drops of the facial oil to my face and neck, gentle spreading the oil with my hands. Using the facial massager, I rolled the massager around my face and neck. After a good couple of minutes doing this, my skin felt extremely nice and relaxed. The massager had soft, light rubber roller that gently massaged my face while rubbing in the facial oil. I enjoyed that the handle is made out of bamboo and was light. My hand and arm weren’t exhausted after using it.

The number one great aspect of this massager is that I can use it anywhere and small enough size to fit in the handbag.

It’s been a few days using the roller every night for about 10 minutes and I can totally feel a difference in my skins glow. I love how the roller has stimulated my skins circulation. I clean this roller every day after I use it with just water and a little hand soap just to keep the roller clean and fresh.

My skin soaked the oil very well and did not leave my skin feeling oily. I will be doing a full review on the oil in a couple weeks. So keep an eye out.

Oils Of Life – Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil $54.95 (30ml)

Have you used a facial massager before? What are your thoughts?


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