Welcome Thiea

Hello Everyone!

My apologies for being away for a couple weeks, but you wouldn’t believe what has happened! My daughter arrived! Today, I would like to share my labour story with you guys, as I believe it was a very different but special experience for my partner and I. Theia was due on the 3rd of December.

Firstly, I would like everyone to meet Theia Nataliah D. Born November 30th and 11.11 pm


Labour Story Of Theia 

At 10.28 pm on the 30th of November, I had my first contraction which lasted about 20 seconds. My second contraction was at 10.30 pm this time lasting 40 seconds. I yelled out to mt partner who was having a shower that I’m having contractions.

He jumped out of the shower and starting timing my contractions while I walked around the house. 25 minutes pasted and my contractions were 2 minutes apart lasting 55 seconds
Tyrone called the hospital (where I was scheduled to have our baby) and they said it’s only been 25 minutes and to stay at home and keep timing. After he got off the phone, we started organizing someone to watch master Tristyn.

All of a sudden I get massive intense contractions that took my breathe away and yelled to get Tristyn in the car and that we are going in. While my partner put our son in the car I went for a quick wee.

I sat on the toilet, did a quick wee and felt the urge to push! My water pops and goes everywhere! My partner opened the bathroom door and I’m screaming “she’s coming”. My waters broke a couple minutes past 11 and was a strange colour. I knew something was a little off.

I was in so much pain, my partner had to help me move onto the floor as I was in shock and couldn’t move. While I was on the floor he called 000. At this stage her head was out! My partner bravely helped her out while listening to the guy on the phone. Only 7 minutes of pushing, she was safely on my chest.

Paramedics arrived 10 minutes after and assisted with the after birth. They were extremely worried about her breathing and the colour of my waters. So they rushed me to a different hospital who specializes in mothers and babies.


Arriving by ambulance at the hospital, they took my daughter away and down to intensive care. X-rays showed fluid in her lungs causing her not to be able to breathe properly. The nurses got Theia onto a drip, CPAP and monitors! My heart dropped as soon as I saw her, I couldn’t help but cry. No mother wants to see their child looking like that.


We spent a total of 3 days in the hospital. She improved within 48 hours on antibiotics and was out of ICU. All midwives, nurses and doctors were extremely nice and kept me notified of changes straight away. We had a pleasant experience at the hospital.


Tristyn properly met his sister on the Saturday. He was a little strange around her for the first couple of days. But he warmed up to her. Giving her cuddles and kisses. He even pats her when she’s dosing off to sleep.

Overall, this was an amazing experience for my partner and I. We wouldn’t change a thing about it… (Ok, I lied, maybe add a little pain relief into the situation haha). A special thank you to my partner, who was brave enough to deliver our baby girl. And a special thank you to the paramedics, midwives, nurses and doctors who helped both Theia and I back to health.

Today I am 2 Weeks old


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