Her Shave Club Subscription Review

I have a new obsessed subscription box, I am dying to tell you about! It’s called “Her Shave Club“. How much roughly are you spending on disposable razors or new shaver heads a month? $10? $20 or more? Well this subscription box is for you! I was kindly sent these products as a gift from Her Shave Club.

Her Shave Club offers 2 different types of razors with additional heads for less then $10 a month. This company is based in Queensland, Australia. There are NO lock in contracts so you can change or cancel at anytime with no problem at all. Below I have reviewed both razors. Personally, I think the owner and creator of this subscription box is a genius!

Firstly, I want to talk about the packaging! Omg! Super Cute! They both come in individual cardboard pockets with their unique log

Pink Razor “The Consultant

 Her Shave Club Says:
This Razor is very basic in its design and functionally, however for $5 a month you can’t go wrong. This razor is for women who just want their legs smooth, without any frills.

The Consultant
I used this razor on one leg a couple nights ago. This razor is more plastic like a normal cheap disposable razor handle. This one cost $5 a month and comes with 4 extra shaver heads. The heads are very basic with 3 blades. The razor glided on my skin with no tugs or pulls with a little pressure needing to be applied. After shaving, I didn’t notice any ingrowns or cuts or rash on my leg. My legs felt smooth. The subscription costs $5 a month which is a lot  cheaper when what I was paying for disposable razors. I found it a little hard to attach and detach the head as you need to squeeze the handle into the head.

Blue Razor “The Date Night

Her Shave Club Says:
You’ve probably seen this exact razor from one of the top razor companies for $20+ at the shops! Believe it or not, it’s the refills that make them all the most money. For $8 a month you can see why it’s our most popular. These razor blades are safety blades! Meaning they’re angled at a less aggressive angle, allowing you to push harder on your legs without the worry of cutting yourself.

The Date Night
I found this razor much nicer to use than the pink one! I love the name of this one!  As it is PERFECT for date night. The handle felt more of a sturdier plastic with a silicone grip on it. When using this razor on m y other leg, I found i needed to apply little to no pressure. The blades glided extremely gently. This razor has a flexible head which made shaving 10 times more easier. It also felt safer to use with the 3 safety blades. Definitely feels like a much more of an expensive shaver . Again, after finishing their were no cuts, rash or ingrowns. Attaching and detaching the heads was much more simpler with just a push and pull motion. This one costs $8 a month and it comes with the hand;e and 4 heads

My personal favourite razor out of the 2, would definitely be the blue ‘Date Night’ razor! Once I finished using these razors, I took them out of the shower to avoid them rusting. Store the extra heads and handle in the bathroom cardboard and through out the used shaver head when needing to change over.

Head over to their website and check them out. Her Shave Club offer a 100% refund if you are not happy with your subscription. They’re also over on Instagram and Facebook, so i’ll leave their accounts below.

Her Shave Club Instagram

Her Shave Club Facebook

Her Shave Club Website

Have you heard about this subscription box before? What do you think of these products? Comment below



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