Event: Bloggers United Au Perth

Perth rarely sees blogging events or socials and I have no idea why! They’re so many bloggers, vloggers and social media influencers here. But when one finally arrives you can bet I (and all the girls/guys) will jump and be lining up to get the opportunity to attend. And that is what we did. Selling out the BloggersUnitedAu Perth Event in 17 hours.
BloggersUnitedAu (BUA for short) goes to almost all Australia’s capitals at least once a year. BloggersUnitedAu was founded in 2015 by Nikita from Njtblogger and Jasmine from Sweetaholicbeauty. This was BloggersUnitedAu second time here in Perth and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket. Tickets for this event cost $50 AUD and man ‘Totally worth every dollar’! I attend their first event last year in August as well (click here to see last years post). BloggersUnitedAu has grown massively over the year and is still continuing to grow!

So let’s get into what happened at the Event!


The event was held at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Perths CBD yesterday (30th October). The event started at 1pm. Before the event, I met up with a fellow blogger bestie Jackie from Lipstick Lattes Louboutins for a stroll around the city and then walked to the event together. Getting to the event, we were anxious to get in the doors of the room. Within a couple minutes the doors were open and we were in. Greeted by our 2 Perth Reps Sophie and Samantha. We had a good 30 minutes to socialise and meet everyone. I saw many familiar faces and also new ones.

We all found a seat and got settled ready to listen to the Perth BUA reps and presentations. Under our chairs, a massive goodie bag (keep reading to find out what was in there). Both Sophie and Samantha gave us all a warm welcome introduction and introduced us to the first presenter of the day. Siobhan from Vani-T cosmetics.

Siobhan is a professional makeup artist who uses the Vani-T range. Vani-T is 100% Australian owned, cruelty free and has a cosmetic line and also a tanning line. Vani-T is also partners with Channel 9 (Australian TV channel). What makes Vani-T cosmetics special is they are made with 100% minerals.  Siobhan spoke her 4 tops products which included;

  1. Facial Mist – Having a natural SPF factor, great for re hydrating during the day
  2. Bronzer Boheme –  Can use both shades for all over the face or use each individual, Enhancing the skins complexion.
  3. Body Shampoo – A SLS free body shampoo which cleanses, hydrates and nourishes the skin in one go!
  4. Bronzing Custard – This is a gradual tanner for gradual build up. Streak free and contains shea butter.


Next, we had Nikita from L’Oreal Professional. He spoke about mastering brand/communication and maximizing a success rate with L’Oreal Professional. Nikita gave a wonderful in site about what companies look for in a media kit. Some key information he gave was

  • Media Kits should be minimal 5 pages long (Wow mine isn’t that long)
  • Images are assets, making an impact by first impression. Express who you are as a blogger through your photos
  • Include your passion in your content
  • Include statistics (Google Analytics) from all your social medias including; your website/blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinintrest etc.
  • State if you have worked with companies before
  • Close with all your contact information; include your phone number, email address, address, website

Another great point he made was the use of using the hashtags #Promo and #Collab. When working with companies let the readers/audience know your collaborating with the company.

Break Time!

Jacq, Jackie and myself

The Four Points by Sheraton provide little nibbles which included; sushi, small sliders,  vegetable pastries and bruschetta. Yum! Was delicious! During this little break, we had the chance to dive into our goodie bag and pick a few items to create a flatlay over at the flatlay station and post on Instagram for a chance to win a prize. I decided to use the Vani-T Bronzing Custard, Revlon Liquid Lipstick (shade in passion), and the BloggersUnitedAu Cookie (Kindly made by ‘The Dessert Studio’ Located in Melbourne). Here is the photo I came up with,

Flat Lay 

We again had an opportunity to talk to everyone, this time head over to the companies set up to personally talk to the presenters. I checked out the Vani-T set up as i just needed to swatch their mineral pigments. I also saw they had my shade in their foundation (Porcealin haha i swear I’m not that pale! Where is the Sun!), so will be purchasing it soon to review it. I also had a quick personal chat to Nikita about L’Oreal Professional hair care. Did you know they have 6 hair brands? After a little while, we took our places back into our seats and were introduced to Nari from Weleda.

Nari speaking about Weleda

I met Nari at last years BUA perth event! She’s such a lovely person. She spoke to us about her company Weleda and their latest releases. Weleda was founded in Switzerland in 1920 and specialize in organic products. They have 120 products which are all certified by Natrue. They don’t test on animals at all ! BONUS! Their newest products she introduced to us were

  • Skin Food – Great for feeding the skin deeply hydrating rough skin
  • Birch Juice – Great to use in Spring and Autumn. Helps provide balance and cleanses the body

You can find Weleda products at David Jones and selected Chemists. You can also purchase on their website.

Introducing Sameera from DynamiqueBlog. OMG! I have been a snapchat stalker of hers for ages and finally met her! Samerra, gave an amazing speech on her 5 pillars of success including *SQUADGOALS*! I was extremely inspired about her talk with us.

Joining Sameera on stage was Nikita (from L’Oreal Professional) giving us a Q&A session, answering all our blogging inquiries. They both also discussed what PR companies are about, what they look for and how to get yourself out there!

Sameera and Nikita

Overall, the day was fabulous. Everyone there left with useful information about how to improve their blogging journeys and a massive smile on there face. If I could say one con about this event is ‘why does it only come once a year’! I met so many new faces, so I will leave their blogs down below for everyone to check out.


Rachel – The Perth Project
Ange – Diary Of Ange
Jacq – Jacqwritesworld
Amy – Her Quarters
Jen – JENuineBlogger
Nicole – Demystifyingbeauty
Gemma – Gemelizabethloves

These Are ONLY Some Sponsor, Promo and Collab Goodies From The Goodie Bags! If you would like a full review of any of these please let me know down in the comment section!



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    1. They went to Brisbane a couple of months ago 🙂 they will come back next year but make sure you subscribe to their mailing list for information as tickets do sell out fast. It’s aimed at all types of blogs. Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, parenting, project and more 🙂


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