BarryM Cosmetics Spring Lip Duo

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Spring is starting to heat up in Perth, WA. Finally some sunshine. Today, I would like to share this perfect lipstick and lip liner duo by BarryM Cosmetics. Before I start a review for you guys, i’ll just say I was gifted these products through a competition I won on their Facebook page. Go give them a Like.

BarryM Cosmetics started in London and has found its way onto Australia shelves at participating Big W’s. You can also purchase BarryM products online on their website. BarryM products are selling for amazing affordable prices. To the review!


Today, I’m pairing the BarryM Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Black Cherry‘ and BarryM Cosmetics Lip Liner in ‘Wine‘. Both shades I believe pair together so well.

Starting with the lip liner, Application was easy outlining my top lip then my bottom lip. The lip liner glided across my lips with ease. The pencil was a velvet cream texture and blended nicely. The pencil is thin enough to get the perfect thin line. The lip liner costs about $9.95 AUD


Secondly applying the lipstick. The lipstick is an ultra moisturizing lip paint giving a satin finish on the lips. Application again made easy. As this is a quite a dark colour, it stained my lips almost instantly. I messed up a little and got the lipstick on my cupids bow and was super hard to remove. The lipstick is transferable, meaning it went on everything, on my glass of water and on my partners cheek. Not drinking or eating, the lipstick lasted about 4 hours. I love this colour and definitely will be using it in my Halloween look this year. The lipstick costs again $9.95 AUD.


Both lip liner and lipstick stain the lips and can get a little messy.

What are your thoughts on these colours? Would you wear this lip duo? Have you tried this brand before?


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