Brows On Fleek With BYS Cosmetics

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back!

Eyebrows! The newest and forever changing trend. Every year there has been a different look on how girls fill in their brows. Whether it is to fully fill the eyebrows or natural. As everyone’s facial features are different, there are way different shapes of eyebrows. Heading to your local beautician they normal can reshape them using different methods such as threading or waxing or tweezing (if that’s a word).Β I have personally never been to a shop to get my eyebrows done as I pluck them at home. I reshape my eyebrows ever couple of months.

But today I wanted to talk about a certain product I stand by ever since I got my hands on it a couple of months ago to help fill in my brows. It’s the BYS Cosmetics Brow Fibre Powder. I have always used gel but was keen to give these a go. The Brow Fibre Powders come in 4 different shades to match your hair. Those shades are; Warm Honey, Brown, Blonde and Black. I matched myself with the brown shade. They retail for $8.95 AUD (Totally affordable) and available to purchase online and instore.


Packaging Reads:

Instantly fill sparse areas, define shape and increase fullness of brows with BYS Brow Fibre Powder. DIRECTIONS: Gently remove applicator from container and lightly swipe over the brows. Re-apply for extra coverage and fullness

This product comes in a thin tube with a screw off lid which has the applicator attached to it. The applicator is super fine, perfect if the eyebrows are thin or thick. The applicator makes sculpting the eyebrows super easy. I did find you need to be careful with pulling out the applicator because it goes everywhere if you pull it out rough.

Before And After

The fibres mixed with the powder in this product makes the eyebrows look natural and not coloured in with a pencil. Firstly, outlining the eyebrows and then filling from the point inwards. I recommend start outlining the bottom then top of the brow. I did’t fill the need to dip again into the product as the applicator held the perfect amount for one brow. There was no excess dropping on the my lashes or cheeks.


The texture of the product was light weighted and didn’t feel heavy or cakey on the face. The fibres and powder held nicely on my eyebrows all day with no needed touch up. The fibres did not irritate my skin or eyes.

Did I mention that all BYS Cosmetics are completely against Animal Cruelty! NO animal testing here!

I do recommend giving the Fibre Powder a go. Have you used this product before? What were your thoughts? Or have you used something similar?


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