Event: The Body Shop Happy Hour

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Today, I wanted to share an amazing night I had at the Happy Hour Body Shop Event in Joondulap a few weeks ago. I found tickets for this event on eventbrite and thought why not! Let’s go! I purchased 2 tickets for my friend and I for $25 each! (Let me firstly say “WORTH IT”)

Joondulap -The Body Shop

The event was at 6pm, outside normal shopping hours for our comfort. 8 other lady’s, my friend and I were greeted at the door by a lovely lady (I forgot her name) who welcomed us in. When we walked in, the shop looked amazing! I personally have never set foot in The Body Shop before until now! There were 4 store workers and 1 independent consultant welcoming us with big smiles. The set up was so beautiful. Refreshments were provided : Pina Colanda, T2 Tea, water and fruit. I unfortunately could let have a Pina Colanda (Wah! This pregnancy is taking forever).
Into the event, we were treated with a skincare consultation where I found out my skin is extremely dry! The lovely Amy showed me a skincare routine to gain moisture back into my skin and help with some blemishes. Some of the products were from the seaweed range, vitamin C range and vitamin E range.

We were introduced to the new products and scent they have including the Piñata Colada range and the Polynesian Island Tiaré range! I love the smell of the piñata colada range. We also got to try the new, makeup eye shadow palettes! These are amazeballs! Super pigmented and in great compacts. I have to admit, I never knew The Body Shop even sold makeup. I was surprised at the range they have to offer from foundations to lipsticks to eye shadows and makeup brushes.

We also enjoyed a nice shower routine, sampled on our hands including an exfoliate, body wash and body butter and scent. I chose to try out the mango range. My hands were so soft! I needed the exfoliate in my life! So can you guess what I purchased?

My Purchases

That’s right! A body scrub. I don’t know why but i’m addicted to body scrubs. I chose the scent in Pink Grapefruit as I love the fruity smell. This body scrub is of a wet constancy, so it’s not rough on the skin.  I also picked up a face buffer, bath lily and a travel size coconut shower gel. There were so many great items I wanted to purchase but I had to limit myself.


Every VIP person were gifted with a goodie bag which included full size products and samples to take home. You wouldn’t believe the items in the bag! We were gifted with a Pinata Colada Body Wash (RRP: $10.95), Polynesian Island Tiare Body Cream (RRP:$26.95), Vitamin C Instant Glow Enhancer (RRP: $29.95), Vitamin C Skin Booster (RRP: $34.95), Hemp Hand Protector (RRP: $19.95), Samples of the Polynesian Island Tiare Fragrance and Newest Eye Cream (Oils Of Life) and more.

This was an great event and would happily go to another one! For the price of just $25 for a night full of pampering and a goodie bag you can’t go wrong. Keep an eye out for their VIP events around you.

Have you attended an event by The Body Shop before or have a favourite product? Let me know below in the comments 😉


23 Replies to “Event: The Body Shop Happy Hour”

  1. WOw! I knew Ulta and Sephora had an occasional event but never knew that other beauty places hosted little events like that! So cool! Gonna keep my eye out for them! I’ve never tried out the Body Shop before and I love body scrubs so keep me/us updated on how the body scrub goes!

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  2. Love this post! I’ve not tried many products from the body shop only some shower gels a while ago I got in a set but I remember I loved them they were strawberry flavoured and smelled gorgeous ❤ xxx

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