Buff & Polish Natural Body Scrub

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Body scrubs. Body scrubs have forever been a craze ever since I can remember. I have tried so many body scrubs from various companies like; Frank Body Scrub, MissKBody, Lush and The Body Shop (just to name a few). But today, I wanted to review a new body scrub I found at ‘Beauty To A Tea‘ last Sunday.

The company is called ‘Buff & Polish‘. Buff and Polish is owned by Perth local, Sharon. Sharon started the business when she got the unfortunate news in 2014, that she had breast cancer and decided to go 100% natural with her beauty products. BUT! Is now cancer free! (Well done girl!) and continuing to grow her company. Buff & Polish products are handmade by Sharon herself with all natural ingredients.

On Sunday, I purchased the Buff & Polish – Coffee and Wild Orange Body Scrub 100g for $10. The Ingredients include: Freshly Grounded Coffee Beans, Epsom Salts, Raw Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera) and Wild Orange Essential Oil (Citrus Sinensis).

The Website Reads:

My Coffee & Wild Orange Body Scrub is going to wake you up and get you going. It is packed full of freshly ground coffee beans, epsom salts, brown sugar and nourishing oils.

It’s the perfect scrub to use after a gym, yoga, or any exercise session as the epsom salts will help soothe your aching muscles.
The essential oils are the highest quality 100% pure oils.

This pack will give you a single application. It’s great for gifts, and perfect to take travelling.

No chemicals, No preservatives, No toxins, No need.

Do not scrub immediately after shaving

I was super excited to try this body scrub because I love the smell of coffee. I scrubbed Monday morning, as who doesn’t love the smell of coffee in the morning. I wasn’t sure if this was a wet or dry body scrub (Apply to wet or dry skin). I decided to use it as a dry body scrub. I started applying to my legs and worked my way up to my neck. (Do this in the shower without the water on – can get a little messy) The scrub had a beautiful scent of wild oranges and coffee.  Scrubbing away the product didn’t irritate my skin. The scrub isn’t overly rough and didn’t tear at my skin. For a more softer scrub apply to wet skin (my opinion if you would like a lighter scrub).

Smelling like a cafe, I started the shower and continued rubbing the scrub on my body with water. Once all rinsed off, I jumped out of the shower and dried myself. Moments after my skin felt so soft. I felt incredibly clean. I used about 50g out of the 100g packet as there was plenty to use for another morning scrub.

Did You Know?
That the caffeine in coffee helps with tightening the skin and banishing cellulite? True Fact!

I would like to share the packaging as well with you guys. I love when beauty product are resealable even if they are one time use, as sometimes, I don’t use the whole thing (like this time). This size scrub comes in a small – medium size, plastic resealable pouch. The packet lists the ingredients, safety information and self life.

Please do a patch test first if you have sensitive skin. Stop using if any irritation occurs. Once opened keep the pouch away from water and finish up within two months of opening.

Buff & Polish sell a variety of face, feet and body scrubs as well as face sponges and candles. If your interest in purchasing this product or would like to see what other products she has for sale. Check out her website here. Don’t forget to check out her Instagram as well for updates.


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