Event: Beauty To A Tea Perth

Hello and Welcome Back!

I have been waiting with excitement ever since I heard about this event! This was a High Tea beauty event. Beauty To A Tea was hosted and created by Jen from JENuine Blogger and Aisling from The Skin Nurse Australia. Both Perth locals! I heard about this high tea event when Jen posted it all over her social media! You could not miss it! I met Jen last year in August at a bloggers event, since then, I have been following her and watching her grow. Today, I just wanted to do a recap of this amazing high tea event for those that may have not been able to make it.

My Outfit

The event was hosted at the Fraser Suites in the Perth CBD on the 9th October. Tickets were available on Eventbrite for $110. (So worth it). That morning, I woke up at 7am to start getting ready. I actually really enjoyed dressing up as I’m now 32 weeks pregnant and I am starting to feel like a balloon. I chose to wear a maroon fitted dress and to curl my hair (I really got my partner to do it haha). I got to event at 11 and met up with another blogger, Jackie! We got into the elevator, discussing how fancy the hotel was, the doors opened to a neat set up where we registered that we were there. We purchased some raffle tickets and received 2 drink vouchers which we could use on champagne or juice.

Event Venue
Table Set Up
Schedule for the day

The whole 1st floor was hired out for this event! It was a huge space. Walking in, I was amazed at the set up. White and Gold themed which screamed luxury and that we were in for a treat. The tables were spaced evenly and set up very nicely. No bumping into each other! BONUS! Each chair had a gift bag “Bursting At The Seams” with products from the events sponsors. (I’ll talk about the gift bag later on). I loved that each person was given a day schedule of who was going to be speaking and when.


The event was scheduled to start at 12 but didn’t start until about 12.30 due to microphones not working! Totally understandable and no one was fussed as it was great to mingle with the others seated at your table.


First up, was Jen and Aisling introducing themselves and Beauty To A Tea. I absolutely loved what they were wearing! Aisling was in a beautiful floral dress and Jen was in a stunning royal blue dress.

Amelia Harvey

We were then introduced to the first presenter of the day, Amelia Harvey. Amelia is a Life Coach. Amelia started the day off with a meditation session everyone participated in. Unfortunately, a couple minutes into the session, I felt extremely dizzy and had to leave the room to get some air. (Geez, this pregnancy is becoming a handful haha). When I came back in, the session was over but the girls are my table were saying how amazing it was (bummer, I missed out).

Next, we were treated to a styling session with Bridget Hudson, who spoke about the latest fashion trends this spring, which I was intrigued in. The latest fashion trends included light pastel colours, lace, chokers and small hats and head pieces.

Bridget Hudson and her models

She went through a slide show showing particular body shapes and what type of clothing you should be wearing. She did note that not everyone can afford top designer clothing and accessories and gave us alternative places to shop. For example, buy clothing from places like Top Shop, accessories and head pieces from Lovisa and bags from Colette.

Danni and Jamie from Glamour Nail Bar

Next up, Glamour Nail Babes, Danni and Jamie speaking about the latest nail trends and predicted nail trends coming into 2017. Who doesn’t love getting their nails done! Glamour Nail Bar is located in Cockburn and are known for their high hygiene standards and family welcoming environment. Danni and Jamie spoke about their brand new gel polish called “GG” (Glamour Gel) which they are introducing into their nail bar. They spoke about the latest trends which included chrome nails  (first seen at Met Gala), hand painted designs (including disney characters and patterns) and the newest almond shape nails (that is what my nails are at the moment!). Danni and Jamie gave us nail trend predictions for 2017. They included again the chrome look, matte finishes, astech lines, glitter nails, crystals and (who would have guessed this) french tips.

Erin Maie – Makeup Artist

Pairing with the lastest trends in fashion and nails, next up was Erin Maie. Erin Maie started her makeup career at Mac Cosmetics. 10 years later shes now a qualified makeup artist, sharing tutorials and makeup trends. She gave us a full makeup tutorial on her model, Lexi. She started with tips on face preparation. She told us to hydrate the skin before priming using a moisturizer. Another way to hydrate the skin is to drink lots of water.

Erin continued on to concealing. She suggested using the ‘Becca Under Eye Brightener Correcter”in only problem areas including dark circles. She also suggested introducing an eye cream into our skin care routine which, I’m yet to find a good one. She noted that you don’t have to use full coverage foundation to achieve a flawless look. Start with a light – medium coverage foundation and build it up.

Erin also gave us tips on applying eye shadow.

  • Blending is the key girls
  • Always use a transition shade in the crease
  • Don’t close you eyes when applying eye shadow, point your chin to the mirror
  • Everyone suits top liner
  • Apply bottom liner for a more dramatic look

Everyone was edging for tips on getting the perfect brows. Here some of her tips:

  • Brush eyebrows first
  • Outline the arch before filling in
  • Build the product up

High Tea Break Time! Each table was served with a high tea light course of scones, macrons, finger sandwiches and lemon tarts. They were placed on each table so there was plenty to go around and no one ran out.

Steph Says Smile Quotes
Gifted from Little Sparrows Party Styling

During the break, we could go see the exhibitors who were set up at each side of the room. On one side the exhibitors were Lash Sublime, Steph Says Smile, F45 Training, Arbonne, Pressed Plus Protein Juice, Market Fresh and Co and The Skin Nurse. On the other side was, The Gifting  Collective, La Torte, Glamour Nail Bar, Buff & Polish and Little Sparrow Party Styling. I loved that they were set up in 2 different sections, so not all 150 women were in the same area at once. I purchased a body scrub from Buff and Polish for $10 and also picked up a complimentary cupcake from La Torte.

Dr. Sarah Varma

After about 45 minutes , we all sat down to the next presenter, Dr Sarah Varma. Dr Sarah Varma is a dentist at The Smile Clinique. She has been working in the industry for abut 10 years. Her passion is combining beauty and dentistry together. She discussed teeth whitening procedures that you can take home and in clinic methods. Dr Varma stated a very interesting fact “If the food or drink you are consuming can stain your white clothes, it will stain your teeth”. I found it was very interesting listening to her tips.

Jo Hudson and Lizzie Yorkston

Something for the body now? Of course! Next up was F45 Training Information and Q&A session with F45 owner, Jo Hudson and  Nutritionist, Lizzie Yorkston from Thrive Nutrition. F45 Training is a gym suitable for everyone including all aged woman and pregnant women (YAY). It’s even perfect for the workaholics as the classes go for 45 minutes which start and finish on time. Each session is supervised with full demonstrations on how to do the workout so there is no chance on your hurting yourself. F45 offer a 2 week trial for those who want to try it out. They are plenty on F45 training gyms around.

Jo shared, for a confidence boost, take photos of your journey and not to use the scales. Muscles weigh more then fat!  Lizzie spoke about balancing your diets and which vitamins and supplements to take. Some good supplements to take is Magnesium (for body recovery), multivitamins and fish oil tablets.

Michelle Nazaroff

In addition to all this information, we had the amazing mother and all natural body builder, Michelle Nazaroff. I found her story very inspirational! Every story has a journey which she shared with us. She broke her neck at a young age but that didn’t stop her from creating dreams. She wanting to be a world champion body builder within 5 years. She made her dream come true in 19 months. (WOW)  You can view her story here. Her motivational speech was incredible! She spoke about creating your own ultimate health and fitness goals. Michelle also spoke about the wheel of life. The 6 elements of self life; Breathing, Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Recovery and Hydration. Focusing on all 6 at the same time will help you improve your inner self.

Michelle also spoke about a product line she launched after reaching her goals. Pressed Plus Protein Juice. Pressed Plus Protein Juice is a meal replacement. There are 3 flavours which are Bloody Rawsome, Lean On Green and Holy Cacao. Each selling for $11. We could sample the 3 flavours at her stand. I tasted the Lean On Green and OMG I actually really enjoyed sampling it. All juices are made from live raw foods such as fruits and vegetables. Each juice contain 28 grams of protein as well. Did I mention these juices are perfect for everyone? Including vegetarians, vegans and people who are gluten  and lactose intolerant. Also safe to drink when pregnant. I will be purchasing some of these very soon and writing a full review on them. So keep an eye out!

After that incredible speech, we were treated to a hair styling tutorial with Jessica Twamley. Jessica works at hair artistry in Mosman Park, where they are a hair style bar! On the model, Lexi, Jessica showed us how to achieve beautiful beach curls without having to go to the beach. Jessica suggested creating this style with day 1 or 2 cleaned hair. She used a range of products from the famous Kevin Murphey’s range including preparing Lexi’s hair with Anti Gravity. With curling the hair, she pinned each one back and allowed it to cool for 10-15 minutes before unclipping the curls. She also gave extra tips

  • Tease the hair from behind rather then on top
  • Don’t tease up and down, only tease down as it holds better
  • blow dry your hair upside down for more volume
  • spray your hands with hair spray and place your hand on the top of your head to reduce those little fly a ways.
Chanell – Lash Sublime

Next we had Chanell from Lash SublimeLash Sublime. The owner Jodie launched the company back in 2009. Lash Sublime have over 200 lash different lash products and offer lash extension classes as well with the fully qualified owner Jodie. Chanell spoke about lash extensions and how to know who to go to. Lash extensions should take minimum 2 hours anyone who is offering lash extension 1 hour sessions are not the best placing to go to as they won’t be applying the lashes correctly. That is information I never knew as I have never had eyelash extensions before. So please everyone keep that in mind. I want to go and have a talk to the girls about tips on how to apply false lashes because I am so horrible at choosing the correct lashes and 10 times more horrible at applying them.

Next up on stage we had Aisling! The Skin Nurse! Aisling became obsessed with skincare after an acne break out and became a cosmetic skin skin. Aisling works at Aesthetic Couture located on kings street. Aisling spoke about the treatments they offer in clinic including

  • Microneedling (which i found out it doesn’t hurt)
  • Healite light therapy

Ailsing spoke about the importance of skin care in your morning and night routine. She spoke about the importance of drinking water for the skin to keep the skin hydrated. She recommend applying vitamin B5 and vitamin C to the skin.

Dr. Jamil – King Of Botox

Continuing with skin, we were introduced to Dr. Jamil, The King of Botox. He made an incredible statement “Beauty Is The Most Addicted Thing”. I 100% agree with this statement. Females addicted to beauty even men. Everyday, we look at ourselves and wish for less wrinkles, bigger lips, bigger breasts, smaller breasts etc. We are never actually happy with what we look like. Dr. Jamil spoke about the difference between enhancements – making a body area bigger or smaller, and anti aging – removing wrinkle, lines and filling the lose skin. He also told us we lose 3ml across our faces every year from the age 23! Wow! Dr. Jamil came across as passionate man about his career. Maybe, in a couple years, after having children, I will to speak with Dr. Jamil about what he can do for me.

To finish off this lovely event, Jen from JENuine Blogger shared blogging advice and a Q & A session for us bloggers in the room. From those of you, who don’t know who Jen is, she is a beauty blogger and makeup artist in perth. Her favourite social media is Snapchat. don’t forget to add her @jenuineblogger! She started her blog last year and it has been a huge hit with her having over 11k following her on Instagram. Congratulations!

She shared some of her top tips and advice for those who want to start a blog

  • Think about your name – Creating a name that is unique to you
  • Purchase you name – That way no one else can use it
  • Start writing for yourself – This will draw in audience and then your audience with interact and ask you what they would like to hear
  • Write the way you speak – when most audience read text, they don’t what to be spoken to like they are reading a book. Acknowledge they are people and not a book
  • Constantly learn – research everyday abut what you are blogging about
  • Have a content agenda – focus on areas you know well
  • Ending – Leave your blog with open ended questions for the audience to reply

She also mentioned that brands don’t always want bloggers with high following, they would rather better and high quality content.

All presenters were now finished with their presentations and the raffles were drawn. There was over 40 prizes from a Lip Injection prize from Dr. Jamil, to Hampers from Vitahealth to gift vouchers to glamour nails, I was lucky enough to win one of these prizes. I received a whitening skincare Nuxe pack, I can’t wait to try out the products!

As I mentioned at the start of this post, everyone was gifted with a “Bursting At The Seams” goodie bag. I waited until I got home to see what was inside just to keep the excitement going when I got home. We were gifted with so many vouchers, samples and products. Just too name a few.

  • A complimentary Brow Arch Wax from Benefit Cosmetics (I really need to go get my eyebrows waxed)
  • Skin Care Consulation with The Skin Nurse (Valued at $70)
  • Ultimate Hair Treatment + Blow Dry (Value $65) from Your Image Hair and Makeup
  • 10% off discount voucher to The Lip Lab
  • $50 voucher to the Skin Rejuvenate Cosmetic Clinic
  • $10 off at Lock and Key Clothing
  • Samples of VitaHealth Skincare
  • Sampes of Pelactiv Skincare
  • Sample optic white toothpaste
  • A candle from the gifting collective
  • First Kiss Lashes from Lash Sublime
  • Samples from Real U

This is only a hand full of things that were gifted! The goodie bag had over $250 value actually probably more then $300 as some vouchers put together wear a couple of hundred dollars worth! The girls got so many sponsors. A massive thank you to the sponsors of this event.

To Jen and Aisling,

A massive congratulations on your Beauty To A Tea event. I’m pretty sure every female in that room left with big smiles on their faces. I know I did. I’m so proud of you girls! This was not an event to miss! I’m so glad I got a ticket! I had a wonderful time and I can not wait until the next event!

Did you go to this event? What were your thoughts?


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