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Today, my post will be a little different from my normal posts. As we are now in October, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to share the #IPledgeToCheck Campaign with everyone.ย Breast Cancer is a touchy subject, but if breast cancer is detected early doctors can help before it gets worse.

#IPledgeToCheck Campaign

A few small facts and details about Breast Cancer:

  • Breast Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women aged 20-39 years
  • Regular breast self check are an easy way to become familiar and monitor breasts for any changes, and if the cancer is found while limited to the breast, 96% of patients will be alive five years after diagnosis
  • 58% of women aged 25 to 39 rarely or never self check their breast, yet 79% recognise breast checking is an effective way to help identify breast cancer
  • Men can also get Breast Cancer

What to look for:

  • Change in shape of your breasts
  • Any unusual discharge from the breasts
  • Skin redness or skin dimpling

QV Skincare has partnered with The McGrath Foundation to turn an everyday moisturizer into a valuable tool to assist in identifying changes that could be an early sign of breast cancer, available from October 2016. It will cost $8.95 with $2 from each moisturizer sold going to the McGrath Foundation.ย This moisturizer was made to ENCOURAGE regular breast self checks.


Directions to using the QV Skincare Self Check Breast Cream:
Apply QV Skincare Self Check Breast Cream to the breast area and feel for anything unusual for you in your breasts as you moisturize in circular motions. Be sure to feel all of your breast tissue which goes up to your collarbone and around under your armpits. Use your left hand to check your right breast and your right hand to check your left breast.


If you do find something usual, even if it’s a pea size lump, small rash or slight change in your breast area, please go see a doctor immediately to be professionally checked out.

What are your thoughts? Do you Pledge To Check? It can save your life!


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