How to Contour and Highlight

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Highlighting and Contour! The trend that will never will get old! Let’s face it almost every single makeup artists, makeup lovers and makeup gurus are using this technique. If you don’t know what this trend is, where have you been?


My favourite 3 contouring palettes

Contouring is a technique to help create shadows on the face, defining bone structures, making your face look thinner. Contour come in all different forms such as powder, liquid and creams. The contour is usual 3-4 shades darker then your foundation. As everyone’s faces are different there are many types of places to contour. Mainly people contour their nose, cheek bone line, jaw line and hair line on their foreheads. After applying the contour it needs blending out, so if it’s a powder, blend out with a brush. If it’s a liquid form (cream) use a damp beauty blender.

The brands are endless that contouring products come in. If your a drugstore product kind of person (like me) try Australis AC on Tour Contouring Palette (RRP: $9.95) Β or if your more of a high end kind of girl try Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette (RRP: $70AUD) Contour palettes are available in most stores that sell makeup such as priceline, chemists, supermarkets and online. They normally come in a palette with highlighter shades as well.


My favourite highlighters

Highlighting is a technique to help expose where natural light hits and make it more intense. Highlighter products also come in different forms such as powders, liquids and creams. Highlighters have a hint of sparkle/ glitter in it. This helps those areas on the face to glow! Highlighter is normally placed on the upper cheek bones, under the eyebrow, little above, middle line on the nose and placed on the cupids bow (middle skin above the lips). Highlighters come in different colours. the colours are NOT pigmented, there is only a hint of colour. Colours such as; gold, purple, silver, blue, yellow (cool tone colours) Check out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Highlighting Palette! Those highlighters! WOW!

Again Highlighters are available to purchase in stores such as priceline, chemists and super markets and of course online as well.Brands of Highlighters are also endless. If your looking for a drugstore brand the BYS Cosmetic Trio Highlighting Palette is amazeball (RRP: $9.95) or if your more of a high end person try Becca Champaigne Pop.

Here are some ways to apply contour and highlight to the face. Just remember everyones has different faces and facial features. contour and highlight to the shape of your face.

Image found on google images

I hope this helps some people! Do you Contour or Highlight? What products do you use and reccomend?


17 Replies to “How to Contour and Highlight”

  1. The picture at the end is very informative! Didn’t realise just how different the highlighting/contouring needs for different face shapes are! Glad to see I’ve been doing it the best way for my face shape though. Absolutely love my Becca highlighters – so much pigment!

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  2. Thanks so much! I love the graphic. I was recently asked to do makeup for someone else who has a darker skin tone and way different face shape from me! This will come in handy so I can’t thank you enough. I love how you included the drugstore products as well – thanks so much for posting this.

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