Second Trimester Is Over

Hello To All My Followers

Back today giving a little pregnancy update! Today marks 28 weeks pregnant, the second trimester is now over and hello to the third trimester. Only 12 weeks left until I get to meet my daughter.

My partner and I have decided not to share the name we have chosen for her until she is born as a lot of my friends are currently pregnant and do not want them to steal the name. SHHH haha!

Tristyn is now understanding their is another baby on the way. Not sure he fully understands but he knows something is going on. Tristyn has felt her kick my stomach now he points at my stomach and says “naughties”.
Hospital appointments and doctors appointments are still almost every week to keep an eye on the baby with the complications I’m having. I had the yucky glucose test last Tuesday. Oh my goodness I hate needles. I have a scan next week! YAH! I’m exicted!

We have started on the nursery. Building her change table and cot, its becoming real. We have washed all her clothes and organised her draws. Some of the clothes are absolutely adorable! I found the cutest outfit as well from best and less. Best and Less is my favourite store at the moment. I find their range and quality is amazing. I also found a fashion blogger outfit! I could not not buy it. I’m loving that i’m having a girl. The range of outfits and accessories is out of this world! She has already been so spoilt by her grandma (partners mum).

Her baby bag is ready and packed with all her goodies.I still need to complete my hospital bag. But that can wait.

Items In her Baby Bag

We still have to get a few more things to get and organise but things are staring to come together. Before we know, she will be here! Early birthday present for her dad and early christmas present for Tristyn and I.

12 weeks could not go any slower!


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  1. Exciting days ahead! I had a boy and girl, in that order. I can still remember my Glucose Challenge, it’s a memory that really sticks in my my for it’s unpleasantness. I told them they must have done the test wrong when they told me I had Gestational Diabetes. No Christmas cake for me that year, lol.

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