BYS Trio Highlighter Palette

Hello and Welcome Back!

Have you heard the fuss about the BYS Cosmetic Trio Highlighter Palette? It has recently blown up a storm on a few Australian Facebook makeup groups. I am lucky enough to have one of these super amazing palette. They are currently one of BYS cosmetics Best Sellers. I have been to multiple Kmart stores to find this palette but it has sold out at every Kmart store.

This Palette is BYS only Trio Highlighting Palette which retails at $7.95. It comes with 3 shades; A matte highlighting shade that’s a banana yellow colour, which is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and under the eye; and also 2 shimmer shades. 1 of the shimmer highlighters is a gold tone where the other highlighting shade is a more darker bronze tone. These two shimmer highlighters are perfect for highlighting the cheek bone and inner corner of the eyes.

All the shades are a light creamy powder texture and are easy to blend and buff out. The matte banana shade isn’t as pigmented at the 2 shimmer shades but, applying a second coat of the highlighters is ok! The highlighters still feel light and I feel my skin can still breathe. Building up the matte shade on the face doesn’t feel cakey.

Look at the Pigmentation

Most of the time highlighters tend to wear off during the day. This palette doesn’t! It lasts for quiet a while on the face. no reapplying is needed.

The palette is a great size that can easily fit into a makeup bag or handbag. BYS has generously given a large amount of each product in the palette. The palette had lasted me, with an every day use, more then a month and I haven’t even hit pan yet on any of the shades which is amaze-balls because (as I said before), it sold out in all of my local Kmart Stores.

Love it

BYS Cosmetics can be found not only at Kmart but also at Gloss and a few other selected stores. You can purchase all BYS cosmetics on their website. Which reminds me! Sign up to their newsletter and as a VIP member and check your emails as they have amazing deals and sometimes codes for free gifts with your order.


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