BYS Cosmetic Review P2

Hello and Welcome Back!

I was kindly sent a gift pack from BYS Cosmetics. I have previously used BYS Cosmetics before and liked their products. I thought, I would review some more cosmetics for you guys. If you don’t know, BYS Cosmetics is a great cosmetic brand for those girls or guys that what to learn how to do their makeup on a budget. Their makeup is great quality for the price they are selling it for. BYS Cosmetics is available at Kmart, Gloss Accessories, Online and at selected pharmacies. Did i mention this company is Vegan?

Lets get into it.

The first product I wanted to share is the Oval Concealer Brush. If you are unaware, this was the 2nd brush in their oval series, the first was their Oval Contour Brush. This brush is super super soft just like their first oval brush. The Oval Concealer Brush is only $14.95. Applying a small amount of liquid concealer onto the bristle, the brush gentle blends out the concealer , streak free. The brush is small enough to get into the small areas of the face including the eye area. I recommend only using liquid products on this brush as powder products don’t seem to hold onto the bristles. These brushes are super easy to clean with just water. I would really love for more of this collection to be released soon, I can’t wait!

Oval Concealer Brush $14.95

Another product I was gifted was the Nude On-The-Go Palette which retails at $11.95 AUD. I love when products can be easily transported. The 6 shades Cream, Eight, Fancy, Runway, Coco and Model are fitted into a small portable tin palette which can easily fit into my handbag. I loved creating a light nude look with the 3 matte and 3 shimmer colours. I enjoyed the pigmentation of the shades. The colours were easy to work with as you could build up the colour as you go. ย This palette also came with a duo ended brush/sponge. I didn’t use the brush as it was quiet tiny and didn’t pick up the product much. I recommend the 3 left shades are perfect for daytime use and the 3 shades on the right are perfect for a night out look. I will be creating 2 looks for this palette in a couple days! Keep an eye out on my Instagram!

Nude On-The-Go Palette $11.95

To pair with the their eyeshadow palettes is the Eyeshadow Primer which retails at $7.95 AUD. This primer is perfect for prepping the eyelids for the eyeshadow. The primer holds eyeshadows for longer and also helps bring out the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. This eye primer comes in a regular 8g tube. This eye primer feels very creamy and has a light pink undertone colour to it. Only apply half a pea size amount onto each eye. Let the primer dry on your eyelids before applying eye shadows. The consistency is not thick now thin put is a little oily.

Eye Shadow Primer $7.95

To finish the eyes, I was also gifted 2 Mascaras, Max Volume Lash Blackest Black Mascara (Yellow Tube) and the Lavish Lash Blackest Black Mascara (Pink Tube). These both retail at $9.95 each. BYS Cosmetics was excited to release these as they are both infused with vitamin E and vitamin B! Vitamin E to help replenish dry lashes and Vitamin B to help strength lashes. I used both on these Mascaras for a week and noticed less lash fall out. So the difference between these products; Volume vs length. I believe the only difference between these products are the brushes. I feel they both have the same formula. Max Volume Lash Mascara (Yellow Tube) brush is quiet fat and bulky. It was a little hard to use on the inner lashes but a nice full dramatic effect on the outter lashes. The Lavish Lash Mascara (Yellow Tube) brush is a little different from any other brush I have used. It’s a flat thick to thin brush, also known as a heart shaped brush. I really love this brush shape as it reaches all the smaller inner lashes. This Mascara brush leaves the lashes looking long and natural.

Mascaras $9.95 each

Moving a little higher on the face, a new brow product! The BYS Brow Fibre Powderย which retails at $8.95. ย This is a 2 in 1 product which includes brow powder and small brow fibres to make the product look for natural on the face. This comes in 4 different colours to match your hair; brown, warm honey, blonde and black. I used brown as it best matched me and my hair. The hardest thing about this product is getting it open without the product going everywhere! The screw in lid has a fine tip applicator which you need to pull out. After a few attempts it was still hard to pull the applicator out without it going everywhere. Starting at the centre of my eyebrow, I worked my way out to the point of my eyebrow. The product was super easy to blend into the eyebrow.The applicator didn’t hold much of the product, but I sort of liked this as I didn’t apply or waste too much of the product. The product gave me a natural finishing look without going over board. The applicator makes the product suitable for both thick and thin eyebrows.

Brow Fibre Powder $8.95

Just a little disclaimer, these are all my personal thoughts and opinions on these products.

Interested in these products? Would you like me to review more of this companies products? Message me or comment below and i’ll go BYS makeup hunting! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?


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