What People Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

Hello and Welcome back!

If you have been following my pregnancy related posts, you would know that I’m now almost 23 week pregnant with my second. I was wanting to do a 23 week update, but nothing has really changed yet! So! I’m going to write a post about ‘Things People Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy’.The top 5 things people do not tell you about being pregnant. I had a lot of fun doing this post and I hope you enjoy.

Morning Sickness

I think the most biggest pregnancy lie. I mean, Why is it called ‘Morning Sickness’? It last almost the whole day! OK, I get it starts in the morning but all day? LOL With my first child, Tristyn, I had morning sickness for 3 days and that was it. Now, this pregnancy, this is on a different level! “Morning” sickness lasted weeks. It made me feel so crappy! Remedies i found that helped the best was dry biscuits. People said “oh try ginger!” um no. Not for me. The smell of ginger made me want to vomit even more.

Smell That?

Activate sense of smell. Smell of fresh air one minute, then the smell of the neighbors disguising stew boiling. Your sense of smell will increase. Sometimes at good times but most of the time at the worst times possible.

No More Getting Comfiness

As soon as you become pregnant, you will never find that comfy position again. Whether it’s on the couch watching TV, or late at night in bed. There is now a belly in the way. BUT! If you do find that comfy position and you finally relax, out comes the little coconut size ninja in your belly will kick away and stick his/her hand or foot in your ribs forcing you to move. OR Β the fourth thing people don’t tell you about being pregnant….

Loving The Bathroom

Peeing! Ok, people do tell you “oh you pee a lot when your pregnant” but they say it so casually like it doesn’t even matter. You will love your bathroom during pregnancy. The coconut size ninja will jump! Up and Down and Up and Down on your bladder, most of the times are the worst times possible like when your favourite show comes back on. You just can not hold it. You will pee yourself if you don’t go. ‘Laughing so hard you will pee yourself’ actually comes into play here! (I have learnt from experience haha).

What is that!

People often say to pregnant women, “You are glowing today!”. But what they really mean is “have you seen what is on the tip of your nose?” Acne! Pimple! Black Heads! If you hardly get pimples and all that jazz, they become an on going feature on your face. Raging hormones equals constant breakout! I personally have tried multiple different skin care to help my face but nothing seems to calm down the breakouts! Do you have a secret? Please share!

Hope you had a little laugh! Enjoy your day/night! What have you learnt about being pregnant that no one has told you?




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