BarryM Cosmetics

Hello and Welcome to you!

I’m here to talk to you about a brand I found at my local BigW store called BarryM Cosmetics. When I see a new brand that I haven’t tried, I have to try it, especially when the products look amazing. BarryM Cosmetics started was founded London in 1982 by Barry Mero. This Cosmetic Company offer high quality products are affordable prices. (These prices are so good) and on trend products. Did I also mention that these products are cruelty free? *BONUS*

So, straight into the amazing products I got was

*Number 1* DeepGlow Dark BronzerΒ which retails at $13. The bronzer does come in a light or dark compact.

I adore large size products. Seeing the bronzer in a large compact makes it easier for my brush to pick up and apply to my cheek bones. This bronzer helps define my cheeks by creating a shadow effect. The bronzer is somewhat pigmented which is ok, as you can build up colour. The texture is paper light and does not feel cakey on the face. Although the product itself felt a little grainy then smooth powder.


*Number 2* Ultra Moisturizing Lip Paint which retails at $10 each. This range had 6 colours. I got the shade ‘Vicious Violet’.

Saying the name of the colour “Vicious Violet”, my first thought of the colour was ‘a dark vampire looking purple’. I was correct but not at the same time. The colour look exactly what I thought BUT when I swatched the colour it was actually a dark pink. Little upset, the colour was actually really nice on. The texture was creamy and had a hint of coco butter smell. (Who doesn’t love the smell of coco butter). The lipstick didn’t last long but tinted my lips to a dark red. These are not kiss-proof.


*Number 3* Cor Balmy Lip BalmΒ which retails at $9.95. This product is a tinted, SPF15 and moisturizing Lip balm. This lip balm comes in 5 tinted colours. I got Currant Bun.

SPF15 and tinted? You had me there. I really liked this product. I took it to the beach with me. I didn’t need to reapply the lip balm throughout the day. The lipbalm kept the hydration locked into my lips. The lip balm had a hint of red colour to it.


*Number 4* Nail Paint which retail at $9.95. I got the colours in Red Wine and Berry Ice Cream.

Pushing past the over powering smell of the polish, and applying 2 coats, the colours actually stood out fabulously. The nail paint only lasted for 3 days before it started to chip away and come off.

*Number 5* Bold Eye Line which retail at $9.95

As I swatched this product, I could feel the velvetly, creamy texture.The only down side would be, that due to the texture, it smudges so easily. Β I got the colour Bold Blue. The colour is extremely pigmented and lasts for about 6-8 hours before I needed to reapply it.



Overall for the price of these products, they perform well.


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