Event: Perth Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo


Want to find out if going to the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo is worth it? Read on about my thoughts and what I purchased. Ok, so I wanted to get this blog post up before the end of the day to help those deciding whether or not to go. The Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo is on at Claremont Showgrounds from the 29th Friday July – 31st Sunday July. Doors open at 10am sharp. Tickets are available online or at the door for $10 per person. Tickets can be printed or on your mobile. There is a unique QR code on the top of your ticket that can be used at almost every stall to enter their giveaways/ competitions.

Lining Up Outside


I woke up at 8 am and was on the road just after 9am. I took my partner with me in case I decided to go crazy with shopping and needed a spare hand (he carried everything haha) but left prince Tristyn at home with his Aunty. We arrived at 9.30am, I will advise though, if you are travelling by car, that there is a $5 parking fee (bring some change). Walking up to the entrance, we noticed the line was semi long. It was the coldest 30 minute wait of my life. 5 minutes until the doors opened, I checked behind me and the line was, well, I could not see the end of it. It was extremely long. Thank goodness we got there a little early. While we waited some lovely ladies started handing out the famous pink bags and expo booklet filled with Information, coupons and deals. So make sure you have a little flick though as you can pick up freebies.

10am – We are in. Like my last Expo I went to with Jackie from “Lipsticklatteslouboutins”, I stated from the opposite side and worked my way back to the front. I spoke to a variety of Stalls from Breast Feeding to Beauty Products to Educational to Clothing and Toy Stalls. Here are just a few I visited.

Arbonne Stall I44

I actually have been speaking to Cassie (Arbonne Consultant) on Facebook for a while and found out she was going to be at the expo and just had to go see her. Her and a few other ladies were there giving information about their amazing skincare and beauty products. There were testers available which I think is awesome. Love try before you buy! I purchased the ABC body wash for children while I was there. At this stall they were also offering a expo/sampling/show bag pack for $5. Go grab one, if your passing this stall.

These Photos are by Cassie from Arbonne
What I purchased for Cassie at the Arbonne Stall

EcoStore Stall F41

EcoStall Baby Package $30

I forgot to take a photo of this stall but you can’t miss this stall towards the back of the expo because its so big and is a great eye catcher. Ecostore’s products are all natural and are chemical free. EcoStore offer incredible expo discounts on their baby, parent and home packages. I picked up the baby package for  $30 which included; a baby bar soap (scent: goats milk and lavender), 200ml Bubble bath, 200ml Baby moisturizer, 200ml Baby Shampoo, 60ml Nappy balm, 200ml Body wash and 200ml sleepy time bath. I also got a sample of their Laundry powder and a 1/2 price discount on EcoStore products at Woolworths.

Panadol Stall I35

Panadol ShowBag

At the Panadol stall there wasn’t much to see but were giving out show bags which included a book (The First Five Years) and a teether.

Crampeze/BabyU/Milton Stall G58

Milton Mini Dummy Sterilizer $5 + FREE tablets

This stall was a little messy as their products were everywhere, but remember how I said look in the coupon book? Well there is a free product you can get from here! The Crampeze Pregnancy Leg Cramp Chewable tablets. Also at this stall for $5 you could purchase a mini portable dummy sterilizer and get the tablets for it for free. Another deal at this stall was at BabyU! They were offering a free packet of BabyU wipes with a purchase of $10.

Free Product! 

Sids and Kids Stall I34

Amazing information at this educational stand. This stand can help save lives by educating parents on the risk of SIDS and what parents can do to provide safe sleep for their children. Purchase mini teddies, donate and enter their massive competition while your there. They are giving out a free wrist band.

Baby Bunting Stall C36

Ok, this was my favourite stall, but its so tiny. There is no room to move in the little stall they have set up. I spent $95 here. I purchased a play mat RRP: $99.95 discounted expo price at $60 and a pregnancy feeding pillow RRP: $50 discounted expo price $35. Purchasing the line was going into the pathway. It looked like we were stealing, we had to walk out of their stall to the back of the line. Haha! I would have purchased more if I could look in their stall properly but being pregnant, I felt claustrophobic.

Huggies Stall C16

Huggies are offering free showbags that include a nappy sample and also a plastic chalkboard.

Something of the Kids

To keep to kids happy, there was a petting farm with sheeps, lambs and chickens outside. I think this was free entry, I’m not 100% positive as I didn’t go near the petting farm. Towards the far end of the Expo there is balloon making and face painting.

Lunch Time

Not much of a variety to eat. Outside near the farm there was a coffee truck, food truck and a small red rooster truck. Not worth the waiting and prices so we waiting until we left to purchase something on the way home. I would advise to bring a packed lunch and eat before hand.

Overall, I do think it’s a great place to find discounts and information about products and services available. I did speak to alot of services and companies including the Australian Breastfeeding Accosiation, Community Midwifery Program, Beyond Blue, The Bump WA, Wooden Treasures and heaps more. Bring your walking shoes. The space does get crowded quite quickly. My partner and I left at 2pm (We were there for 3 hours) and at 2pm the place was packed and super crowded. There were not as many stalls like last year the far end of the expo look extremely empty.

My Damage  😉

Did you go? What are your thoughts and what did you purchase?
Are you going? What are you going there for? A look around? To catch awesome bargains and score freebies?


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