BYS Cosmetics July Releases

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If you started using makeup and a small age like me (I was 10), You may have came across a brand called BYS Cosmetics. When I asked for makeup for my birthdays, BYS cosmetics was what my parents bought me! BYS Cosmetics are a drugstore makeup brand who specializes in high quality affordable cosmetics from Lipsticks to Lashes to Foundations to Nail Polishes.

I was lucky enough to receive the BYS Cosmetic July Releases to review for my blog. Please note that all my reviews for these products are 100% my personal opinions. Have fun reading!

The first product in the package was the Oval Contour Brush, the 1st oval brush in the collection. Being a new trend, seeing this product, I was super excited to try it. This brush retails at $19.95 AUD

Photo: Colour_Those_Lips

The brush was incredibly light. The bristles on the brush felt soft and fluffy. The brush does pick up a lot of excess product which became a waste, but I used both a cream and powder contour and recommend only using the brush for the cream textures. Application was smooth and glided on with ease. A bonus about this item and what I love is that this brush is natural and cruelty free.

The second product I recieved was the Highlighting Trio Palette. The trio palette included 1 matte highlighter and 2 shimmery highlighters. This Trio Highlighting Palette retails at $7.95 AUD

Photo: Colour_Those_Lips

Straight up off the bat – these are so pigmented! The matte highlighting shade is perfect for highlighting under the eye and the 2 shimmery highlighters are perfect for highlighting the cheekbone and under the eye brow. The texture was light-weighted and powdery.

The third product was the Smokey Eye-shadow Tin. This 12 shaded palette is for creating a dark smokey dramatic look. Perfect for a night out. This product retails at $19.95 AUD

Photo: Colour_Those_Lips

Swatching these colours, I found majority of them were pigmented but some weren’t so pigmented. I highly recommend using an eye-shadow primer with this palette. I liked how there was a mixture of shimmery and matte shades. The shimmery shades weren’t very glittery. The texture felt dry. The darker shades lasted the whole day. These easily come off with water.

I also received 2 shades of the Brow Liner and Highlighting Pencil in Warm Honey and Brown. Perfect for defining and highlighting in one. This product comes in 4 shades; warm honey, blonde, brown and black. This product retails at $5.95 AUD

Photo: Colour_Those_Lips

This is a great idea, I like seeing duo products as it saves so much time by not having to go searching for more products as it’s all in one. The brow liner deffinately defines the brow. The texture is creamy and honest glides on with no budge. The highlighter needs to be worked onto the skin. It’s not very pigmented but with double application, the colour build ups – perfect if you like a little highlight or an over the top shine.

To finish off this package, BYS Cosmetics included 2 of their setting sprays which are the Matte and Natural Sparys. These retail at $9.95 each

Photo: Colour_Those_Lips

I have a variety of finish foundations and having the option of 2 different finish setting sprays, I think is awesome. Both the setting sprays spray a light mist of the the light-weighted formula. There is no over the top chemical smell to these. 2 sprays on the face is enough for a whole day. My makeup didn’t really budge. I reconmend using the natural setting spray on dewy finish foundations and the matte setting spray on the matte finish foundations.

You can purchase these products at your local Kmart store or online atΒ


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