TMI: Boy OR Girl

Welcome back to my blog!

Sorry I havn’t posted in a while. Last week, I found out if I’m having a prince or princess. But before I get let you know here’s a few little updates and gender predictions.


  • Still no over the top movements
  • I had a little scary moment at 9 pm one night and ended up in hospital. (due to personal reason I wont share on here), But the baby is happy and healthy. A bonus is I got to see him or her. My partner also witnessed the baby move his or her arm around while i was having an ultrasound.
  • I have gained another 3 kg. Doctor advised me to change my diet
  • Cravings have again gone off chain. I’m craving Red Rooster Chips and Lollies.
  • My almost 3 year old son, still doesn’t understand what is going on, which is ok
  • I have been window shopping for baby items. I have currently purchased only purchased a baby change table. We still have our old one from our son but it was in storage and has gotten ruined.

Have you heard of any old wives tales about gender prediction. Being the anxious person I am, I decided to try a few;

Chinese Gender Prediction

I used the Chinese Gender Prediction on this website (Click Here). The chart predicted a little girl.


A wives tale I have heard is craving either sweet or savory food. If you are craving sweet – the baby is a girl. If you are craving savory – the baby is a boy. This wives tale predicted I am having a girl.

High or Low 

Another old wives tale is carrying high or low. If you are carrying high – the baby is a girl. If you are carrying low – the baby is a boy. This predicted that my baby is going to be a boy as I every scan I have had, the baby I sitting down low on my right side.

Time for the announcement! I’m having a…..



I’m so excited! Tristyn is happy to be having a baby sister! I can’t wait for all the shopping to come! Time to set up the nursery!


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