Pregnancy Update – 16 Weeks

Welcome Back Everyone! 

We are almost half way through. Guess what? I finally got an ultrasound! Yah! On Thursday, 16th of June, I got my very first Ultrasound for this pregnancy. Being 15 weeks pregnant and my doctor not sending me for any scan. I decided to see another doctor who sent to do complete an ultrasound.

image (13)
Inside the Ultrasound Room – Photo Taken by my partner

I was so excited to have the ultrasound and so was my partner. Our appointment was at 10 am and we arrived at 9.50 am. I had to wait an extra 40 minutes in the waiting room. This was not fun, having a full badder and needing to go to the loo. We finally went through at 10.40. The wait was so worth it. As soon as the little bundle of joy was on-screen, I could not hold my smile back. My cheeks were hurting. I was so happy. Mr. Tristyn did not attend this ultrasound with us as he was in a cranky mood and it was going to be our first ultrasound so we wanted to carefully listen to the doctor.

image (14)
Head and Brain Shots

I found out that I am now due on the 4th of December not the 3rd. Everything is normal and the baby is nice and healthy. All 10 fingers and toes were present.

image (15)
Spine and Leg Shots

Today marks 16 weeks pregnant. Here is a few updates:

  1. Breaking out – I keep changing my  skin care routine due to the pregnancy hormones
  2. Weight Gain – Currently now weigh 55 kilos
  3. Bump – I’m staring to see a little bump push through
  4. Movement – I have felt the baby move twice and every time my partner has missed it.
  5. Pain – My back is killing me! I can hardly move sometimes. On the bonus side my partner has been giving me amazing back massages.
  6. Entertainment – Haven’t really done anything different lately except constantly visit my mother in-law. I current watching the latest My Kitchen Rules  (Yes, it has ended but I didn’t get to watch it on T.V live)
  7. Names – My partner and I have discussed multiple names for a boy and girl but haven’t come to a conclusion. We are going to keep the name a secret until the baby is born.
  8. Gender – only another 3 weeks until we can find out if the baby is boy or girl. I personally don’t want to find out. Keep it a surprise but my partner wants to find out
  9. Mr. Tristyn – My almost 3-year-old son, I still don’t think understand what is going on. Although he has changed his behavior and is a lot more attention seeking and cuddly.

My next update will be around the 18 – 20 week mark 😉 Maybe a Gender Reveal! Boy or Girl? Did youfind out if your baby was a Boy or Girl?


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