Event: Mundella Every Woman Expo 2016

Welcome Back everyone! 
I tried to get this post up nice and quick for those who were debating whether to go to the Mundella Every Woman Expo in Perth this weekend.
So let’s get into to it!
I went with a fellow blogger friend, Jackie, from LipsticksLattesLoubitons and her gorgeous son. I also brought along my son, Mr. Tristyn. We met at the Esplande Train Station and walked to the event. I made the rash decision to not bring my sons pram, but within the first hour I regretted it. Mr. Tristyn was tired! Luckily Daddy (to the rescue) brought the pram to me! Yahh! I highly recommend if your bringing children to also bring a pram (also a great way to hold every purchase, information pamphlet and sample).
image (10)
Waiting to Meet Jackie
image (9)
Outside The Expo
After checking in and collecting a expo bag and information booklet, Jackie and I decided to start from the right far side of the expo. This was a great idea as there was not many people down that end. Down the right side there was a range of food places to eat, a catwalk stage (with shows, check out the times in the expo book or online) and also the Beauty college doing mini makeovers and lash applications.
image (1)
The Catwalk
We then decided go up and down the isles so we didn’t miss anything. Going up and down the isles, we met and found fabulous people and brands, tasted breath taking foods, tested out products and entered a lot of competitions! Please be aware not even half of the competitions are noted online! That’s crazy!
image (8)
An idea of the Set Up at the Expo
Where were the highlights? 
Being a normal 20 year old female, I stopped by majority beauty and cosmetic stalls.
image (2)
Mr. Tristyn wanted a Reading
I purchased my first item at “Seacret”. The Manager gave me a demo of their 4 in one buffer, cuticle oil, Body Lotion and gave me an incredible discount of the products (more then 70% savings) being their first customer who purchased at the expo. Unfortunately, saying no was not an option! So after talking with him, I purchased the kit. You can find Seacret at stall k58
My next major stop was the Mundella Food Greek Yoghurt stall. In the expo booklet (picked up before we entered), is a coupon for a free sample! WOW! The sample was a snack size – not like a bite size- this was great as Mr. Tristyn was hungry and he loved it and so did I! It was so tasteful! I will definitely be buying this in the next food shop. You can find Mundella Health Foods at stall E55.
Our 3rd Major stop was the Cailyn Australia Cosmetics Stall! Jackie found an amazing glitter eye pigmented in the lucky dip ($5 each per product). I ended up getting 3 natural nude eye shadows and I can not wait to review them! Please keep an eye out! You can find Cailyn Australia Cosmetics at stall Ho5
Have you heard of Muddy Creek Soap Bars? I fell in love with them last year when I found them at the Perth Royal Show. With the same deal 1 for $4 or 3 for $10. I can’t pass it up. I grabbed a goats milk soap, coconut and lemon soap and French pear soap. These last a while! You can visit Muddy Creek at stall C46
image (7)
Muddy Creek Stall! Love Them So Much
Next we stopped by Your Inspirations At Home (YIAH) where we tasted a variety of dips and vinegars! We both loved them to much we both signed up to host parties with YIAH. Find YIAH at stall B52
Our final major stop was at Fuss Free Naturals where we discovered, they have released 3 new facial masks! I had to get one! The new products will be released in stores on the 1st of July. Keep an eye out! Find them at stall D26.
image (11)
Fuss Free Natural Stall D26
We Stopped at other stalls along the way including MaryKay, Avon, Baby Belly Art Worx, Pana Chocolate, Gel Moments but there was also some we missed speaking too as they were super busy.
image (12)
Lovely Johanna and Stephen from Ascent Healing Centre  Check them out at Stall C32
With restless children, we made it to the end (well start) of the expo. Upon leaving we were gifted with a free entry on Saturday or Sunday to come back. This is only a pinch of what the day involved!  We spent a total of 5 hours at the expo!
image (4)
Purchases and Samples

Overall, it was a great day out. I got to meet so many people and found new companies to look into! Are you going? Who did you speak to? Did you purchase anything? What are your thoughts?



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