Event: BloggersUnitedAu Lush 1st Birthday

Hey Everyone! Welcome Back!

I just want to say before getting into this post – 


I had an amazing Saturday night last weekend going to the BloggersUnitedAu 1st Birthday Lush event in the city. If your a blogger or vlogger who is just starting out or have been doing it for a while who hasn’t heard of BloggersUnitedAu, this blogging community is one to be apart of. The Founders Nikita and Jasmine are amazing people who support and help everyone to come together. I have met so many new people going to their events and connecting on the Facebook page and Instagram. Check them out!

Back to the amazing Night! Saturday on the 11th June, I was invited, short notice, the day before the event. Luckily, My partner could watch our son. Excited about this event, I actually rocked up 1 hour early in the city, so I wondered around the city. 5.30 arrived and we were invited into the private lush event. Inside we were greeted by Sophie from Borntoblog and Samantha from Thatlittlebeautyblog, the Perth reps and the Lush team.

I got to meet Madalynn from Maddilon and Christie from Christieee__x , beauty bloggers from perth . – Don’t forget to check out their social Media and Blogs! We pretty much stuck together for most of the night. Sticking together during the little treasure hunt game – finding products with particular fresh ingredients.

Christie and Madalynn

The night was filled with laughter, shopping, sampling products and Lush helpers talking about the natural, vegan friendly products they sell. Thanks to Lush were we treated with a free product of our choice, we could take home at the end of the night. My first thought was “You are going to make me choose 1? How is that even possible with the amount of amazing products they sell”. My favourite product from Lush is the ‘Rub Rub Rub’ Body Scrub. I don’t need anymore more as I currently have a couple in the bathroom. But I managed to choose a product, I am now in love with. But First! Did you know that Lush have a makeup Range? I didn’t know that! I chose the “Perspective” Lip Cream for the free product! If you haven’t sampled the lip creams from lush! Go into a store ASAP.

As the night is coming to an end, every blogger who attended to event, was gifted with a goodie bag which included “Let The Good Times Roll” (Facial Cleanser), “The Great Barrier” (Solid Hydrating Wash) and “Kerbside Violet” (Solid Perfume). I also purchased 2 bath bombs because you can’t leave lush without some. I purchased the Avobath Bomb because I adore the smell of lemon grass and the Milky Bath because I wanted to try something new.

I do hope there is another BloggersUnitedAu event in Perth soon. I love seeing fellow bloggers I have met at previous events and seeing new upcoming bloggers joining the community. If you are interested in getting involved in these events keep an eye out on the BloggersUnitedAu Instagram.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have a favourite Lush product to share please share. Which product or products do you love for Lush?


5 Replies to “Event: BloggersUnitedAu Lush 1st Birthday”

  1. Aw. I’m glad you had a good night. Thank you both for sticking by my side basically the whole night and panicking over what free product we should choose with me haha. You definitely ended up making a good choice in the end – that lipstick colour was gorgeous.
    I had such a fun night; It was lovely to get to know you better and thank you for the shout-out. I still can’t get enough of your smile in our photo no matter how much you may hate it. >:)
    Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

    P.S. I don’t know why I wasn’t following you blog before (I swear I was) but I for sure am now. 😉
    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

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