BYS Velvet Liquid LipSticks

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Today, I wanted to share a competition I entered and won last week with BYS Cosmetics Via there Facebook and Instagram. Every Friday, they hold a small competition. The competition I entered was an easy one. “What is your favourite BYS Cosmetics Product and Why?” My Answer was “My Favourite BYS product is the Brow Definition Kit! With its creamy light texture it puts my eyebrows on fleek!” And it seriously does! Check out there products! I was one of the 3 Lucky Girls to win. Congratulations to the other 2 girls.


BYS is a great and affordable drugstore makeup company. BYS was actually one of the first brand I ever purchased. I use to wear there makeup to school. I own multiple products by this brand.

Anyway to the review we go!

I received 8 BYS Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick in the colour; Cherry Now (01), Berry Sweet (02), Flamingo Flare (03), Pink Alike (04), Lily Vibrant (05), Bare Beauty (06), Prima Peonies (07) and Mystical Rose (08). Each Velvet Liquid Lipstick RRP: $6.95 at Kmart or Via there Website.

Left (01) – Right (08)

The range includes Nudes, Pinks and Reds. There is a lipstick for every occasion. My favourite is the Prima Peonies. It is a beautiful light nude. perfect for an every day lipstick.

Picture By Colour Those Lips


Application is made easy with its double sided flat wand. The wand smoothly guides on the lips. The wand holds just enough of the product to apply. This is great as there isn’t any extra waste meaning the Lipstick lasts forever. I also found that these lipsticks are kiss proof. Which means you can kiss hubby without losing your lipstick  and have a drink without leaving product on the glass. (Sometimes it is embarrassing).


These Liquid Lipsticks surprised me with its wet but creamy velvet texture. They dry incredibly fast on the lips and give an amazing matte look. I don’t recommend double layering if the products dries as it can become clumpy, cracks and doesn’t look appealing.

Favourite Shade: Lily Vibrant (05)


These Liquid Lipsticks are very pigmented which I love. I believe that these are great value and quality for money.  The colour range is perfect for everyone, whether you are a natural person or a person who likes to make a bold statement. I highly recommend these and now will keep one in my handbag at all times.

Guess What?

BYS is actually holding a new giveaway on their Facebook Page! Go check it out and Enter! Entries close Sunday May 29th.


Give them a like on Facebook.

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Until Next Time “Make a Bold Statement and Colour Those Lips!”


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      1. Ahhh sad times. I’m in the UK. Don’t worry, I’m used to not being able to get my hands on AMAZING lip products! Thanks anyways xx


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