Vani-T Makeup

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Today on the blog, Vani-T Makeup Review! Have you heard of Vani-T? Nope? Well here is a little information about the products and company. Vani-T is sold in over 10 countries and is a brand loved by multiple celebrities. All Vani-T products are all vegan (They DO NOT participate in animal testing) and are high in vitamins, minerals, active ingredients, luscious natural ingredients and botanical ingredients.

I received a package from Vani-T which included 1 x Mineral Lip Colour in Peek-A-Boo, 1 x Mineral Bronzer, 1 x Contouring Brush, 1 x Brazilian Bronze (Self Tan) and 1 x Bronzing Mit (Self Tan Applicator). In this post i will be only review the lipstick, bronzer and brush because I believe the Tanner needs its own review post. (So stay tuned for that).

Mineral Lip Colour (Lipstick) $33.95

First of all a minute of just looking at the packaging! A girls best friend right there! I love the look!. I received the colour ‘Peek-A-Boo’ which is a light nude colour. I recommend this colour for everyone as its an everyday colour and also a beautiful colour to wear to any event. There are 10 colours to chose from. Application is made super easy as the lipstick is nice a creamy creating a smooth application. This product is also infused with coconut oil and aloe extract to moisturize your lips!

Lip Colour ‘Peek-A-Boo’

Bronze Boheme Mineral Bronzer $49.95

Again! Everyone please take a minute to appreciate the packaging! Omg! This Mineral Bronzer with its light weighted powder it gives a sun kiss glow. The bronzer gives a small shimmer effect and somewhat pigmented. I like that because then I add if I wanted too.

Bronze Boheme Mineral Bronzer

Contour Multi Brush Dual End $48.95

Has anyone seen such an amazing brush? The crystals in the middle! I’m in love! I not only WANT the brush collection, I NEED the brush collection in my life! This Dual End brush has an angled brush and blush brush. The soft, silky bristles are made from vegan Taklon. The bristles only pick up a small amount of product, so less wasting products and the more it goes onto your face.

All 3 Packings

Vani-T have a range of different products for everyone and to suit everyone’s skin tones including eye pigments, foundations, lipsticks and much more. Like the sound of their products? Head to there Website to purchase. Or Follow them on Instagram @Vanitofficial


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