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Welcome Back Everyone!

I wanted to give my blog abit more then reviews! What about interviews with other Bloggers and Vloggers! I would like you to meet Alanah! A Vlogger I met through Instagram. I now watch her videos which include product reviews and tutorials. I asked her a range of questions through email. She does live in New South Wales and I live in Perth so Face to Face meet up was going to be a little hard so email it was. Find her Social Media Links at the end of the Post.

Allybeauty99 – Photo From Allybeauty99
How did you come up with your name allybeauty99? 
I came up with the name allybeauty99 as my childhood nickname is allykat, I wanted my channel and everything to be based around beauty and I was born in 1999, and allybeauty99 was the only decent, kinda catchy name I could come up with! Haha
What made you get into vlogging?
I wanted to start my YouTube channel for years, since I was about 12. I love watching YouTube beauty videos and makeup is my hobby so I wanted to start my own channel, and Instagram and the other social medias just came alone with it, to get myself out there more.
Why did you chose to Vlog and not Blog? 
I chose to vlog, rather than blog, as I’m terrible with words and writing, and I like how with videos you can show the products more and do tutorials and such.
Do you have a favourite Video you have posted? Which on is it and why? 
My two favourite videos I have done so far, are my ‘Where The Night Is’ burgundy and chartreuse halo eye, I’m obsessed with the colour combo and how the look turned out overall and my Valentine’s Day ‘Perfect Date Makeup’ because it’s such a pretty bold pink/red look, which is colours I barely ever use.
Do you have a favourite blogger or vlogger you like to follow? 
The only two Bloggers I follow are; you and allthingsbeautymichelles. Both these girls are close friends. As for Vloggers, where do I start! Haha My all time favourites are shaaanxo, danimansutti, and my friends allthingsbeautymichelles, amandapaigemakeup and kristengrochowski.
I know you still go to school and work, how do you make time for vlogging and editing
Honestly I don’t have a social life haha! I video, edit, photograph and post after school and weekends. I only work two nights a week, which is good for my channel but not so good for the bank account! I really just put all my time and effort into my channel and Instagram, more than school, because it’s what I enjoy doing and it makes me happy.


What is your favourite Beauty Brand and why? 
My top beauty brands would be Essence as it is good quality and super affordable, Designer Brand again for the price and quality and  Too Faced for the incredible quality and the smell!
What does your family and friends think of your Vlogging? Do they know?
Everyone knows about my Vlogging and the way I see it, the people who tease and make fun of it, aren’t real friends, my true friends all support me and encourage me. My family do support me for doing something I enjoy but also worry about me putting myself out there to the world, for both the hate/criticism and safely reasons. 
Do you think you will still be Vlogging in the future (5 years)?
I definitely still want to be doing it in the future, I will vlog as long as I can and as long as I enjoy it. I will always make time for my channel and Instagram.

Have you attended any Vlogging/blogging events or meet ups? What did you think?

No, unfortunately I haven’t got to attend any blogger/vlogger events yet! I definetely want to, and am trying to plan to go to IMATS this year and meet some of the incredible friends I have made through Vlogging.
Do you have any beauty tips you would like to share?
For beauty tips I would say:
β€’Practice, the only way to get good at makeup is to practice
β€’ Wash your brushes! And this includes spoolies, I’m not sure how much people actually was their spoolies but you would be surprised the amount of crap you’ll wash out of it
β€’Be yourself and get creative! It’s only makeup and it washes off, I often do a crazy bold makeup look and sit on my couch watching TV all day


Do you have any advice to those who are just starting to Vlog?
As for advise to anyone thinking of starting a YouTube channel, Instagram, blog or anything, I say just go for it! You can always start making content with out posting online and you can always delete it if you aren’t happy with it or not comfortable
And don’t listen to people who make fun of it, if you enjoy it then who really cares what anyone else thinks, and they are most likely jealous of you for it.
I want to say a special thank you to Alanah for being my first interviewee.
Find her and follow her on Social Media. Click the Links
Instagram: Allybeauty99

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