1st Trimester

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to my blog.

mothers day
Mother’s Day 2016
The first trimester of my pregnancy is over! Yesterday marked the last day of my first trimester – 12 WEEKS. I can not say how happy i am to be pregnant again. I’m finally giving my son a sister or brother.

My baby is the size of a ‘plum’. Roughly about 5.3grams and weighs about 14 grams.

I can tell you this pregnancy is definitely different from my last. This time round, I have no energy to get up in the mornings. I have has constant morning sickness for the past 6 weeks and now i can not even drive to the shops without feeling sick (motion sickness -WHAT).

I still have not told a lot of family and friends as we are waiting until my sons 3rd birthday to tell everyone at the same time. I did have a threatened miscarriage with my son about this time when i was pregnant with him. So I am worried but fingers crossed and touch wood that everything is fine.

My belly is still not showing a single sign that I am pregnant which is good. I didn’t have a big belly with my son. I have a long torso, so I can hide it for a while. Shhhhh

Pregnancy cravings are going through the roof! I want to eat everything about as soon as I get it. I can’t eat it as i don’t want it anymore. I had a massively weird craving at 1am the other morning for cocktail pickled onions and freshly baked cinnamon donuts. Weird? I know that’s what my partner said but hey I loved it!

We have not started baby shopping as of yet. Not long now until we find out if we are having another prince or we are bringing a princess into the world. Just over 2 months until we find out. I’m super excited.



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