CherryBlooms Fiber Lash Extension Mascara

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CherryBlooms is a company that provides awesome mascara, brow products and more. I came across CherryBlooms reading some reviews on mascaras. Now I have previously tried a Fiber Lash Extension Mascara from ‘Younique‘, and I fell in love with it. So when I received a ‘Fiber Lash Extension Mascara’ from CherryBlooms I was so excited. This product replaced false lashes without the mess and no glue needed.

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The Transplanting Gel contains high quality bees wax which helps moisturize your lashes and helps the growth of the lashes. This mascara is a little pricey at $69 for the set but has a shelf life of 3 years and also offers a 60 day money back! Did I mention that this mascara is waterproof? Yup! That Right! So you can where it to the gym, swimming and on a rainy day. You can purchase these Online!

Trying CherryBlooms

How To Apply The Product

  1. Apply a layer of the Transplanting Gel
  2. Apply a layer of the Black Fibers
  3. Apply another layer of  Transplanting Gel

My Thoughts

When I opened the box, the 2 tubes were sitting nicely in their spot! After applying my normal routine, I decided to try the Fiber Lash Extension Mascara instead of applying fake lashes. Following to how to apply method, I realized it instantly amplified my lashes by over 100% then what my normal mascara normally does.

Left: 3 coats of Mascara I regularly use.   Right: 1 coat of CherryBlooms Fiber Lash Mascara

The Transplanting Gel was not dry or clumpy, but was a wet formula for application. I was a little worried using the Fiber as they are loose and didn’t want on to fall in my eyes. But! The Black Fibers stuck perfectly to the transplanting gel/lashes. With applying the second layer of Transplanting Gel it closed and secured the fibers in place.

I like how this product can be applied as many times as wanted without clumping or looking like you have spider legs as eyelashes. I love how quick you can achieve amazing lashes with no mess!

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Thank You everyone who read this post and don’t forget to follow CherryBlooms on Instagram! Also DON’T FORGET to enter my Instagram giveaway to WIN a set of the “CherryBlooms Fiber Lash Extensions”



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