Covergirl – Stay Luminous Foundation

Hey Everyone!

Today, I am writing a review about the Covergirl Outlast – Stay Luminous Foundation. I picked this up when I ran out on my normal foundation and my local target had sold out of my colour. Seeing this foundation was new and I had never tried it, I grabbed it.

I picked up the foundation is Classic Ivory. What I loved about the product, is its amazing lid lock thingy. Turn to Open – Turn to Close. So if you lost the lid you can still travel with it safely knowing it isn’t going to go everywhere! BONUS!

The texture of the foundation was creamy and did not feel heavy on my face. 2 Pumps of the foundation gave me a light coverage. You can build up the foundation but i would not recommend it and i would not recommend it for people with acne. The foundation gave me a tacky, sticky, dewy finish. But I applied a product from the brand ‘Essence’ called ‘All about matt’ which is a fixing compact powder, which gave it a nice soft finish.

After and Before Photo of my Sister

The foundation lasted all day and lived up to the natural glow look. Unfortunately, I has a really bad flash back, making you look like a ghost in a photo.

I will have to discontinue using this foundation during my pregnancy. Why? The smell of the product 😦 It is bare-able but during pregnancy it makes me want to vomit). It smells like “Off Coconuts” (Allybeauty99 Words) and I totally, 100% agree with her.I give this product a 6/10. Please covergirl make the smell go away.

Conversation Between Alanah and Myself

Until Next Time “Make a Bold Statement And Colour Those Lips”


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