1st Doctors Appointment

On the 12th April 2016, Tuesday, was my first doctors appointment. Accompanying me was my son and partner.

During the appointment I notified my doctor that I took a home pregnancy test and it came back positive. After some conversation, he sent me next door to the pathology to complete my first tests of blood test! I hate needles to bad so I chewed the doctors ear off and talked and talked.

Unfortunately I took no photos of my first visit to the doctors.

Thing I found out at my first appointment:

  • I’m roughly 6 weeks pregnant
  • I weigh 52kgs
  • Due 3rd December 2016

I’m currently waiting for my test results.

I’d also like to say that I have quit smoking “Again”! for this pregnancy. I quit with my son but after I had him I returned to smoking. I have not had a cigarette since I have found out. I hope to quit forever. Thank you to my partner for constant support.

Until Next Time “Make a Bold Statement and Colour those Lips”


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