Where Have I Been

Hello Everyone!

Wow, It has been a while since i have been able to sit down and write on my blog. My last post was in September 2015. Sorry everyone! So! Where have you been?

I been here all along. I took a break blogging due to being stuck at work for super long hours, 6 days a week. No-one likes working but now hubby is back at work and i can spend more time with my son at home and more time BLOGGING!

Tristyn’s Happy Mummy is Always Home Now

In the last couple of months i have moved into a new house with hubby and our son. Oh! My younger sister lives with me now (guess who is my guinea pig for makeup trials? Mahahaha). We finally have a backyard for Tristyn to play in and are currently working on making the most of the area.

Tristyn Finding out his getting a sibling


Now i have a little secret i want to tell my blogging friends and followers! Mumma is PREGNANT with baby number 2! Tristyn is finally getting a baby brother or sister! I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, and planning to blog about my pregnancy on here as well now. I am super excited and also nervous! What is everyone vote Boy or Girl? I’m feeling like this is a girl due to the sweetest cravings and constant morning sickness. But happy to have a boy or a girl!





5 Replies to “Where Have I Been”

  1. Congrats!!! I already have a boy as well, kind of hoping for a little girl too… however, sometimes I change my mind. Indecisive pregnant chick here lol Happy to have a boy or girl as well =)


    1. I had a quick look on your blog πŸ™‚ Congratulation on your pregancy! I see you 7 weeks ? I’m 8 weeks. Close pregnancys. How’s the morning sickness going for you? For me not to well. I think the bucket likes me too much! How old is your boy?

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      1. I am actually 14 weeks currently, The beginning weeks weren’t so great to me as well. Im finally just posting my past weeks now that I am finally feeling better!! I had ALL DAY nausea, Im glad that its gone lol!!


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