My First Beauty Swap Ft. Allybeauty99

Hello to all my Beauty Gurus!

I just have to say I’m so excited to say this with everyone but I just complete my first beauty swap with another beauty guru on Instagram @allybeauty99. It was a successful beauty swap! I had so much fun with picking out products to send her and super excited to see what she had sent me! I have been following @Allybeauty99 on Instagram for a while now and been watching her on her Youtube channel and she is AMAZING! So don’t forget to follow her on both Instagram and Youtube.


But, firstly, ‘What is a beauty swap’?

A beauty swap is where 2 people set a price limit, where each individual abides by. Purchasing products of the other individuals desires (Eg. A new Blush, eye    shadow palette etc) or brand they would like to try. OR like Ally and I, we made it a surprise box to each other where we didn’t know what the other person was going to be sending.

But now onto what I scored from my first beauty swap.

Ally was the person on Instagram to message myself about having a beauty swap. We agreed on a $75 limit and got shopping straight away. I received my package from Ally on the 1st of September. Unfortunately the mail man came early when I wasn’t home, so I had to run down to the post office, which is a 5 minute walk from my house. Getting the package, I didn’t even wait until I got home to open it. I was literally crossing the road opening the box when my house keys (lol)… In there you won’t believe what I found!


I received a Maybelline Limited NY Fashion Edition Baby Lips Lip Balm. With it’s berry scent and taste, the lip balm gave my lips a minimum of 8 hrs moisture. the lip balm is hardly noticeable which makes it perfect to wear to work and for daily use!

Mode Cosmetic Lipsticks

I was clueless when I found 3 Mode Cosmetic lipsticks as I had never heard of Mode Cosmetics! It is a drug store brand but they are amazing quality. Very pigmented. The colours I received were ‘Wowza’ (An orange shade), ‘Berry Nice’ ( A dark magenta shade) and ‘Fab Pink’ (A Hot Pink shade). My favourite would have to be Berry Nice, because I love the dark magenta look. It fits my personality!


Bh Cosmetics

I’ve always wanted to try BH cosmetics but always afraid of the shipping costs. I was surprised with 3 palettes and a Brush. One palette being the ‘Wild & Radiant – Baked Illuminating and Bronzing Palette’ which now, my face has a boost of warmth and highlighted areas. The pigments can be used dry or wet, but I chose to just try them dry. I will feel I will be ruining the palette colour if I added water.



Another palette I received was the ‘Missy Lynn – Eye Shadow And Baked Highlighter Palette’. This is an amazing palette, which features 4 matte pigments, 2 shimmer pigments and 2 super shimmer highlighter pigments. I use this palette for my day to day makeup when I have to go to work. It’s also perfect for on the go with the attached mirror!


Saving the best to last! The ‘Galaxy Chic – Baked Eye Shadow Palette’. THIS PALETTE IS MINE! DO NOT TOUCH! This palette is a treasure! I mean have you seen it! 18 pigments of shimmer colours like the galaxy and planets. There’s so many looks and combos you can make with this palette! This palette can be used any day or night. With it’s neutrals, darks and fun colours!


Have you used any of these products? What are your opinions on them?

Until next time ” Make a Bold Statement and Colour Those Lips!’


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