RoseHip Plus

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A couple weeks ago, I attended an event by @bloggerunitedau  in Perth where I met other amazing bloggers, listened to companies discussing their new lines releasing soon and also received 7 goody bags full of products. In one of those goodie bags, I came across 2 products by a brand called RoseHip Plus. RoseHip Plus is an Australian 100% certified organic skincare company. This RoseHip Oil is extracted from the seeds of a Rosa Canina (fruit). The fruit helps support natural healthy looking skin. The oil can be used  to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, hydrate dry skin and helps with elasticity and texture of the skin. The 2 products I received was the RoseHip plus oil 30ml and the RoseHip Plus Skin Boost Roll-on 15ml.

RoseHip Plus Oil


For the past week, I have been applying the oil twice a day on my mummy scars (stretchmarks), located on my stomach and hips. Within a week, my mummy scars have turned from a dark pink, to a more pale pink. I also found the oil moisture my stomach and hips leaving them smooth. The smell of this product is not overpowering but I personally dislike the small scent left on my hands after I gentle rub it in. Overall an amazing product.



Again the roll-on is pretty much the same product as the bottled oil but I use this one on my face. In the morning and at night, I apply the cold pressed roll-on onto my upper cheek bone, rolling out towards the end of my eye. I do this so it targets my small wrinkles around my eyes and the bags under my eyes. The roll on leaves a cooling sensation on my area I apply it. I saw results within a couple hours, where the bags under my eyes were almost gone. I love the roll-on so much, I have purchased one for my mum to try. I love roll-on because it is so handy and portable, so I can pop it in my handbag or overnight bag and have my skincare at my fingertips.

Fun Facts about RoseHip

  • RoseHip is 100% Organic
  •  RoseHip products are affordable, starting at $19.99
  •  RoseHip is not only for skin. The oil can also be used on your cuticles and the tips of your hair.
  • RoseHip is used by a few makeup artists. The roll-on can be used a dewy highlighter! (I want to try this)
  • Contains Rich ingredients such as vitamin A and Vitamin C
  • RoseHip can be purchased via their webpage

Have you Tried RoseHip Plus? If so, What are your thoughts? Want more information? Head to their website


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