Rimmel Sun Summer Self Tanning Mousse

Hey and welcome back to my blog.

This week, I was accepted for a trial  to try Rimmel London’s New Self Tan Mousse. I personally have only ever self tanned a couple times and have never achieved a great, natural look, so i’m always looking for new tanning products to try. It’s winter here in Perth, Australia and I look so pale. Because I was so pale I asked for the light matte mousse because no one wants to look white one day and look completed burnt to a crisp the next. So Here goes nothing!IMG_20150726_220453

Rimmel London’ Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse is Rimmel’s first self tan mousse giving a instant tan and developing perfectly within an hour to suit your bodys tone. This Tanning mousse lasts for about 7 days and comes in a 150ml pump bottle to last you a while. Rimmel Tan Mousse comes in 3 different shades light, medium or dark. perfect for every skin tone. This product is available is Australia on the 1st of August for only $16.95. Bargain!


I received the product and exicted to try it, I had to wait until Sunday because work called me into work on the Saturday (Was so devastated).

Always before applying, I jumped into the shower using my beautiful “Misskbody scrub” to exfoliated and dried off. Using 1 pumped onto the tanning hand mitten provided, I started to apply the tanning mousse to my chest working my way out, adding another pump when needed. As stated above the tan last about a week. Apply this tanning mousse once every 3 weeks to maximise full coverage. Heading to bed on the first night, I woke up the next morning with little too no excess stains on my trackies. Amazing! And yes, I wear loose trackies instead of shorts as I have had bad experiences with tanning lotions staining my white sheets. After a day I had a shower and surprising look on my face when there was no patchiness or water lines on my tan.

A bonus about this product is the streak free hand mitten. It doesn’t leave any yucky appearing stroke marks making the tan look even more natural, because lets be honest we all see girls with fake tans that don’t look natural and we laugh knowing its fake. This tan can be removed straight after using soap and luke warm water if you get it on your hands or applying a little too much.


I’m marking this product a 9/10 as its the best self tan product I have tried so far and feel this product will sell out within a couple days of it being released!

Were you part of the Trial? Would you think about changing to this Tanning mousse? Leave your comments below

I thank Rimmel London for giving me a chance to review their new product. Head over and follow Rimmel London on instagram @RimmelLondonau

Until Next time “Make a BOLD statement and Colour Those Lips”


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