My Lush Haul

   Hey and Welcome Back!

Today I must tell you about my LUSH haul to did a couple days ago in Perth CBD. I heard about Lush through following amazing beauty bloggers on Instagram and I just had to try some of their products. Now I 100% hooked and actually went back today and got more – Sorry back account! #soznotsoz For those who havn’t heard about Lush Cosmetics, Lush sells 100% vegan and homemade cosmetics from bath bombs to shampoos to massage bars to lipscrubs and so much more! I had an amazing experience with my local Lush store in Perth’s CBD. The girls working there were extremely polite and felt welcomed. Every staff member was helping a customer near them, listening to their needs and using their knowledge to help chose the correct products.


I purchased 4 products. 2 x RUB RUB RUB, 1 x D’FLUFF and 1 x MASK OF MAGNAMINITY.

RUB RUB RUB ($19.90)


By now my regular followers have to know one of my favourite products is Body Scrubs so I just had to grab the last 2 on the shelf – I’m so addicted it’s not funny (haha). “I WILL NEVER STOP BUYING BODY SCRUBS”. Rub Rub Rub is a beautiful ocean blue showering scrub containing fine sea salts which softens skin and also can give volume to your hair. I applied this scrub on my usual areas such as my tummy, chest, inner thighs, neck and arms before I jumped into the shower. I used it ‘Rough’ (Straight onto dry skin). If you don’t like it rough, jump in the shower and use it while the water is running down you for a more gentle approach. After my shower, my skin felt smoother then a baby’s bottom!

D’FLUFF ($14.90)


D’Fluff is a strawberry scented shaving soap. D’Fluff contain: ____________. I used this soap the first night I purchased this product. I was amazed by how gentle my razor glided against my leg. I had no irritation afterwards. This is a massive bonus for me because all the previous shaving creams and soaps I have used have been horrid – lets be honest no one likes those little bumps, rashes and itchiness. I always found, the next morning, the shaving soap helped rehydrate my scaly dry shins.



Mask Of Magnaminty  is a peppermint face and back mask full of natural ingredients to help acne and breakouts. It smells like chocolate mints! I used this tonight and also my partner used it on his face and back. I put a decent amount on my face, avoiding eyes (Please not the eyes, it will burn). For the Duration of 5-10 minutes I kept laughing at my partner because I made him do it. There was a little tingling on my face but no burning sensation much I find a few face masks do. After about 10 minutes I jumped into the shower and in a circular motion, I gentle scrubbed the mask off. This mask is now on my holy grail cosmetic list! I love it! but not only do I love it, my partner loves it (that’s a first).

An amazing bonus to entering a Lush store is they have samples literally everywhere! Every products has their own test me out tub and also the staff members offer free samples. Great to test before you buy! I have a sample of the ‘Retread Liquid Conditioner, the ‘Hsuan Wen Hua Moisturiser’ and the ‘Cynthia Sylvia Stout Liquid Shampoo’. I can’t wait to try these.

Who here is a Lush Fan? Have you Done a Lush Haul? What Products do you own?

Until next time “Make a BOLD Statement and Colour Those Lips”


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