Skinny Bunny Tea

instagramHey Girls!

I’ve discovered an amazing page on my instagram AGAIN! Its @skinnybunnytea! I couldn’t wait to make a purchase with them! Skinny Bunny Tea comes in a variety of Teas for AM and PM such as Weightloss tea (AM), Detox tea  (PM), Energiser (AM), and Recovery (PM). Skinny Bunny Tea is always having 50% off sale sometimes 60% off! Skinny Bunny Tea takes care of their customers and ship worldwide! Its made in the US but i’m located in Australia and scared about my delivery but… I received it less then 1 week later! How crazy fast was that!IMG_20150716_155632

I purchased the weightloss and Detox bundle complete with 2 ebooks – workout plans and meal plans. Aswell as a Skinny Bunny Tea water bottle. The weightloss tea comes in chocolate – a beautiful way to wake up in the morning! EVERYONE LOVES CHOCOLATE NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS! The Detox comes in a tropical favour, perfect for a night in with a movie. These Teas can Boost your immune system,  Stimulate weightloss, shink fat cells, aid digestion,  Promotes relaxation and much more! There are so many benefits! Updates on my Skinny Bunny Tea will be up about my progress for my week 1 and 1 month soon!

Simple to make

1. Boil the kettle

2. Put the tea bag in a mug

3. Pour the water in the mug

4. Stir and wait 2 minutes and its ready!

An awesome thing about this bundle was the free skinny bunny tea water bottle. Easily make fruit infused water for the day!


The first fruit infused water I personally made was with ice, 4 cups of water 5 strawberries cut in 1/4, half a lime cut in 1/4 and 1/3 of a cucumber. I let that infused over night in the fridge but can be infused in a little under 2-3 hours. The second fruit infused water I made contained 1/2 a lemon sliced and 1/3 of a cucumber. There is no limit to what you can make! Why not try a watermelon and lemon infused water? That’s my next thought! This is perfect for work and/or on-the-go!


You can find Skinny Bunny Tea on instagram @SkinnyBunnyTea or head to there website:


Have you tried Skinny Bunny Tea? Do you have favourite recipes for your infused water? Let me know by commenting below!


Until next time “Make a Bold Statement and Colour Those Lips”


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