MissKBody Subscription – Month Of June

2015-05-22 17.32.32

 Its June! I received my Misskbody monthly subscription a few days ago! My previous May subscription left me drouling for Junes! Misskbody scrubs left my body hydrated, extremely soft! 


The Junes monthlys body scrub is Peppermint! Peppermint is the most stimulating scent of all scents! Peppermint contains aleovera and lime providing instant mood change and help with depression by stimulating the brain. Peppermint instantly energises you – Give you a refreshing wake up call. This peppermint body scrub is used with Epsom Salt whoch helps relieve muscle tention and helps relax the body. The smell helps this winter with colds, unblocking you sinuses and achy muscles.


In my monthly subscription, it also contained a mud mask and a tea tree clay fask! (I love facial masks), Misskbody’s amazi mg goats milk soap with which also contains raw sugar and oats helping inbetween scrubs to nourish the bodys skin. Last but not least it contains misskbodys lastest edition of the coffee scrub bar.

Application is so simple using body scrubs!

1. Undress, put your playlist on and jump in the shower

2. Start Scrubbing 🙂 Using a decent amount to cover the body. (Body scrubs are for all over! I use it on my hips, stomach, butt, thighs – inner and outter, my neck and chest)

3. Listen to a song or two

4. Turn on the shower and continue your shower routine

5. MY FAVOURITE – Dry your body and feel how amazing this scrub is!

**Store scrub and other misskbody is a dry and cool place**

To check out more products head to MissKBody on facebook or instagram


6 Replies to “MissKBody Subscription – Month Of June”

    1. Hey Doll, I know! But this subscription is one I can rely on! Misskbody scrubs are here in Australia with local Ambassadors and 100% Vegan Freindly. Misskbody is just simple amazing with there prices! And never have I once had a problem with the products, website, details! I personally recommend using this! I have used frank coffee body scrub and it simply does not match anywhere close to MissKBody!

      Lots of Love xx
      Colour Those Lips

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  1. Thankyou. We are so glad you are enjoying our ‘Scrub of the Month” club. July will be hitting you soon . For all you ladies interested, head to our website and subscribe in one easy step. Your skin will thank you.


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