10 Beauty Tips I’ve Learnt

The World of Beauty consist of amazing tip, reviews, products and cheats. Since entering the world of beauty, I myself have found and have come across thousands of beauty tips. Here are MY top 10 Beauty Tips.

1. Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

I am guilty of leaving my make up on to go to sleep. Due to a rough day of working and being a mum sometimes I want to be in and out of the shower and straight to sleep. But! Leaving make up on your face clogs your pores. Pores actually releases sweat and ‘SEBUM’. Sebum is an oily substance that not only moisturises and protects the skin, but also helps remove dead skin cells. By not wiping off your makeup you are clogging your pores aswell as leaving your pillow with makeup stains on it.

2. Wash Your Brushes

A time consuming process but did you know by not washing your brushes at least once a week you are destroying your brushes. Buying the mac brush worth over $30 will be ruined! Protect and take care of your investment because hey you don’t want to come purchase expensive brushes. In the bristles of your brushes there is oil, dead skin cells, dirt, product build up and bacteria. EW! so wash your brushes! You can buy the fancy ‘Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleanser’ or if your a drugstore brand type of girl (like me), handsoap, shampoo or even baby wash will do the trick.0X70aE0ctDoIoVuJ8ld41iWu1gueG8XM7TTpoKK8qs8zSPaW2GOeh-LOp-Rj7JQw9JiD5oX2XyMP6VGfq50ALBTYzCTEjS6508Z-uDbPy9QDcE1l5rScV5EpBKRpij0KGG1PMP881LdiLuXpCJaAuXCB8A=w384-h384-nc

3. Drugstore Vs High End

What really is the difference between the 2. In my eyes, Not Much! I’m a drugstore kind of girl as my money doesn’t go far with a toddler continuisly growing. I find sometimes drugstore products are actually better then the highend cosmetics. I personally love Australis and NYX. (Target, Priceline, Kmart, BigW)

4. Read Reviews

Reading reviews are a great way to find whats hot and whats not! Reading reviews help determine whether products are avtually worth buying or are overrated! I love the site beautyheaven and reccomend that everyone use it. (www.beautyheaven.com.au)

5. Blending

Blending is always fun but at the same time difficult. I found, blending downwards and outwards is the best. Start from your nose and work your way out! There are a variety of tools such as blending buds, blending brushes etc Find the correct one for your products texture.

6. Correct Foundation

There are over a hundred different foundation tones to choose from, so their is one out there to match your skin tone. Let face it, NOONE like a orange face or to see your makeup lines! Its ridiculous and you look like a clown. There are also different textures foundations come in. Example: liquid, cream, moose, powder etc. Test before you buy! NO! Not on the back on your hand! Thats the worst place to put it as its a different tone to your face! The correct place to test foundation is actually on your neck or on your cheek. Foundation doesn’t always need to be applied all over the face. To score a natural look only apply on areas in need like on the cheeks or nose.

7. Handy Sticky Tape

Did you know my number 1 eye tool is stickytape? Weird! I know! I always use stickytape as a stencil for my eyeshadow and eyeliner. Now my eyeliner is always on point and even. You can purchase stickytape from the dollar store.

8. Eye Poppers

White eyeliner is your HOLY GRAIL! It can be used for almost anything! Place white liner to your eye water line and inside corner on your eyes to make an illusion that your eyes are bigger instead of using black eyeliner. Another bonus tip with white eyeliner: Apply white eyeliner on your eyelids before placing eyeshadow. The liner helps the pigments stand out more!

9.Exfoliate Your Lips

Often, wearing lipsticks, lipglosses, lipcrayons etc can take its toll on your lips causing them to get chapped, crack or dry. Why not make a simple lip exfoliate scrub to help. Simply add brown sugar and honey (you can also add coconut oil) together. Using a toothbrush gentle scrub lips with the paste. Smells good, moistures and exfoliates the lips and it’s eatable! NOM NOM NOM!

10. That Bold Statement

If your sick to death of the old, boring, plain makeup routine ADD SOME COLOUR! Crank out the Red, Bright Pink, Coral or Purple lipstick and apply! Girl who cares if its a bild statement! Wear with confidence! Β My personal favourite lip pencil is the ‘Maybelline Add some drama’ pencil in the colour ‘in with Coral’ (Priceline $9.95)


And their you go! There’s my top 10 Makeup Tips of mine that I always follow. Do you have any makeup tips you use and would like to share? Add a comment!



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