Savvy Cosmetic Lipsticks


Hello and welcome back! Today I’m going to discuss a brand I found in priceline called ‘Savvy’Savvy is a small collection of cosmetics from the company ‘DB’ – ‘Designer Brand’DB is an Australian Owned company selling great quality cosmetics for a fraction of the price. DB cosmetics and their mini collections can be purchased at Priceline and Priceattack.

While I was in priceline a while back I came across Savvy by DB lipsticks (3.6g) for $4.99. There are a totally of 20 lipsticks and their colour range evolves around browns, nudes, pinks and reds. Perfect to find the right colour for your tone or to make a bold statement. These are seriously great for the quality it provides. The rich, creamy texture is made easy for application as the lipstick just guides extremely smooth on your lips. The lipstick is not matte, nor glossy but a non sticky cream texture. One thing I do find about some companys lipsticks is they dry out my lips – these lipstick do not dry out my lips or cause them to crack! I find they leave the perfrct amount of moisture on the lips. These lipsticks are pigmented however I do recommend applying twice as they don’t last a long time. There is no taste or smell of harsh chemicals. I feel extremely comfortable wearing these lipsticks for every event.


I currently own 9 of these amazing lipsticks. Chocolate (a medium warm brown), Mahogany (mixture of a warm red and brown), Rich Coffee ( a light brown), Magenta (a shimmer effect dark pink), Plum (a neutral warm pink), Hot Pink (a Strawberry bright pink), Blushing Pink (a light shimmery pink), Cherry ( a dark bright red) and *My Favourite*  Chilli (a gorgeous red).IMG_20150430_162830

Have you tried Savvy by DB Lipsticks? Do you own any? Which ones? What is your review of this product?


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