Welcome to all my followers! Wow! This is the first time I’m going to try and start a blog. But first, a little about me 🙂

Hey! My name is Annalee (also known as lee-annah). I am 19 years old with a adorable 2 year old son named Tristyn. We live in Perth, Western Australia. Been here all my life. I am the 5th oldest child out of my 10 siblings – BIG FAMILY! I love, love, love make up and beauty products. I love my lippies and eye pigments! I’m also addicted to body scrubs! – I have this one which will be my next blog post that’s, O-M-G, amazing!

But enough about me and more about my upcoming blog. I’m producing this blog due to my love for reviews and sharing new products. I’m not the best photographer but will get there eventually.  This blog spot is going to be based on beauty/make up products. I’m also on instagram so come follow me @colour_those_lips Daily post!

Again welcome and thank you for helping me grow!



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