MissKBody Subscription – Month of May

2015-05-22 17.32.32

Recently, I found on my instagram page, a small Australian Company called ‘MissKBody’. Puzzled I checked out their instagram and viewed their website, to find this company selling natural and organic body scrubs, soaps and face masks!

2015-05-22 18.01.45

Great I thought! A new body scrub! And for an amazing price! I found a monthly subscription club and joined. $18 a month for 1 full sized scrub of the month body scrub (month of may – Raspberry Vanilla), a goats milk soap, their signature coffee scrub bar and 2 sample facial masks (Month of May – honey and green tea face scrub and the tea tree clay mask)!


I received my package a couple days ago now. Containing the May monthly edition! And WOW! This months edition Scrub was Raspberry and Vanilla! . Raspberries help fights bacteria, slow down ageing process and help stretch marks! This scrub is also mixed with coconut oil and aloe vera gel! I applied the scrub in the shower (shower not on) focusing on my stomach and hip area. The body scrub left my skin feeling nourished, soft and feeling healthier with a little scent to go with it!

To check out more products head to MissKBody on facebook or instagram


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